The winners of the national award «Russian rhymes», «Russian word»

© press service of Resultante Guests of the national award Russian rhymes, a Russian wordThe winners of the national award «Russian rhymes», «Russian word»© press service of Resultante

In St. Petersburg hosted the final of the national prize for young authors writing in Russian, «Russian rhymes», «Russian word». In the framework of St. Petersburg international cultural forum has awarded the best representatives of the literary elite of the country, the press service of Resultante.

The prize winners were the Butt of Arina from St. Petersburg in the nomination «the Best writer», Igor Beloded from Seversk in the nomination «Best novel», Dmitry Lagutin from Bryansk in the nomination «the Best collection of short stories», Nicholas A. and Yermokhin of Vyazniki in the nomination «Best play», Pauline Federyakina from Lipetsk in the nomination «the Best literary blogger,» Maria Lebedeva from Tver in the category «Best critical publication,» Alexander Tihonovs of Omsk in the nomination «the Best poet» Maria Frolov from Moscow in the nomination «Best poetry book», Svetlana Kogan, from Moscow in the nomination «the Best poems for kids» and Yana Kirichenko from Yekaterinburg in the nomination «people’s vote».

«The main surprise — that in the country, in different cities, there are people who are not only modern genres such as blog criticism, but I write novels, plays. It’s great that this deals with the youth», — said the head of presidential administration of the Russian Federation on public projects Sergey Novikov.

According to the Director of Resultante Sergey Pershin, such activities as the award «Russian rhymes, the Russian word» is «the locomotives of the industry to uncover new names».

«Young authors receive attention from a publisher, companies and public authorities. The jury, by the way, this year is unprecedented: we try to invite only professionals. After gathering an incredible amount of applications, I hope that the quality of this event will only improve. There will be a new Mayakovsky, Yesenin, Dovlatova — in other words, Russian names, which would read not only in the domestic market, but worldwide,» said Pershin.

Also in the framework of the event the award «For contribution to development of culture» writer Eugene Vodolazkin.

«People, especially writer, independent. Today for the young author has all the possibilities to be realized, but no need to rush to create monumental things at once. Go to the top of FA to slowly, gradually raspalas. Sharp throw unprofitable», — said Solodyankin.

From 1 may to 31 August, the organizers received more than 400 original works, only 26 authors were contenders. The best of the best were chosen by a professional jury, headed by composer and producer Igor Matvienko.