«Dark-skinned and muscular». Like actually looked like Jesus Christ

© Depositphotos / VitalikRadkoМужчина in the image of Jesus Christ. Archival photo«Dark-skinned and muscular». Like actually looked like Jesus Christ© Depositphotos / VitalikRadko

Archaeologists have discovered one of the oldest portraits of Jesus Christ, which is at odds with his most famous images. In fact, the way he looked — a big mystery for scientists and believers. What this says science and how changing ideas about the appearance of the Savior — in the material RIA Novosti.

Unusual portrait

«Found the image of Christ is a very important discovery. It belongs to the iconographic type of the model of Christ with short hair, which was especially prevalent in Egypt and Syro-Palestine, but disappeared from Byzantine art of a later period» — say the archaeologists in their science article.

Found by Israeli archaeologists «portrait» of the VI century — is very atypical. Christ it is depicted without a beard.

«In the canonical Gospels there is no description of the appearance of Jesus Christ…. Just has a certain tradition his image on icons, and written evidence of how he looked, no,» — told RIA Novosti Bible student Andrei Desnitsky.

Hence the paradox: in different regions of Jesus Christ portrayed in different ways. For example, in Ethiopia, where the Christian community is one of the oldest in the world, it icons — black. And the oldest pictures in the catacombs of Rome or the Byzantine Basilica, the Jesus Christ appears the young men — as in the famous mosaics of the VII century in Ravenna.

«According to our research, Jesus was a man of extraordinary beauty: tall, but very strong. Growth was almost 180 centimeters, 15 centimeters above the average. His face was Regal, majestic expression,» — said in an interview with La Stampa Professor Giulio Fanti, who led the study of the shroud.

However, science still has not confirmed whether the shroud the cloth in which was wrapped the body of Christ after his death. At the moment, its authenticity can only believe, said father Constantine Polshkov.

«In this sense, the answer to the question whether it is possible to accurately restore the historic portrait of Christ, rather negative,» concludes theologian.

© Screenshot Youtube / TgPadova Telenuovo3D «copy» of Jesus Christ«Dark-skinned and muscular». Like actually looked like Jesus Christ© Screenshot Youtube / TgPadova Telenuovo3D «copy» of Jesus Christ