ROC develops participation in the postwar reconstruction of Syria

© RIA Novosti / Michael Aladdinprince in photobacteria part of the city of Dera’a (Deraa al-Balad), started the Syrian war. Archival photoROC develops participation in the postwar reconstruction of Syria© RIA Novosti / Michael Aladdinprince the image Bank

Russian Orthodox Church intends to develop humanitarian projects in post-war Syria, it is about restoring the social and cult objects, as well as the return of refugees is discussed in Damascus the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion and Patriarch of Antioch John.

Metropolitan Hilarion visited the capital of Syria along with a delegation of the interfaith working group of Christian and Muslim leaders of Russia, providing assistance to people of all faiths in Syria in the restoration of peaceful life. These days also marks the 60th anniversary of the Russian Orthodox Church representation in Damascus.

«We discussed the topic of the Russian Orthodox Church’s participation in charitable projects, and restoration works. Today in Syria there are many ruined churches, houses that are abandoned people. It is very important now in Syria to create conditions so that all refugees can return, and the Christians and the Muslims — followers of all religious traditions. I hope that the following years will be years of peaceful creative restoration of this beautiful biblical country», — said Metropolitan Hilarion gathered in the Church mission of the Orthodox Church after a meeting with the Patriarch of Antioch.

He noted that, driving through the streets of Damascus, saw the city, now living «a full life». «I’m glad that he saw in Damascus: a peaceful, quiet life, people trade, buy and sell, do not feel the traces of war,» — said the Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Patriarch of Antioch John taking Metropolitan Hilarion in his Damascus residence, noted that the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Russian Orthodox Church representation in Damascus, the joint Sunday service at the Church of the mission in honor of the Holy Martyr Ignatius of Antioch the God-bearer — is evidence of a strong long-term friendly relations between the two churches and peoples.

«We appreciate the support provided by Russia to the state, the Church and people of Syria in all fields: political, military, economic. We are grateful to the Russian Orthodox Church for humanitarian aid and support projects for the restoration of destroyed buildings and peaceful life», — said the Patriarch John.

Interreligious working group on humanitarian assistance of Syria was created in the spring of 2017 in accordance with the decision of the Council for cooperation with religious associations under the Russian President. It included representatives of different Christian confessions and Muslim communities of Russia. The interfaith group made a number of large stock to raise funds, the purchase and delivery of humanitarian assistance to war-affected people of Syria, held round tables with representatives of religious communities in Syria and neighboring Lebanon, where they live more than a million Syrian refugees.

In February of 2018 in Damascus the delegation of the Russian Christian and Muslim religious leaders, distributing humanitarian aid, came under mortar fire from militants. However, humanitarian action was able to hold.

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ROC develops participation in the postwar reconstruction of Syria© RIA Novosti, RIA Illustration to Novoshepelychi in photobacteria before and after the outbreak of hostilities