The Belarusian Ambassador spoke about the progress in the gas talks with Russia

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in potomacfever Semashko. Archival photoThe Belarusian Ambassador spoke about the progress in the gas talks with Russia© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

The Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Vladimir Semashko is sure that Minsk and Moscow will be able to resolve all disputed issues in the oil and gas sector, including a mechanism of compensation of losses of the Belarusian budget from the tax maneuver in the oil sector of Russia, but still believes progress in talks insufficient.

In October Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas said that Minsk and Moscow have until the end of the year to determine the mechanism of compensation of losses of Belarus from realization in the RF of the tax maneuver and to present it for consideration of the presidents of the two countries. Thursday was appointed Ambassador, he said as a Deputy Prime Minister agreed with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak by December 15 to settle the issue of compensation for Minsk in connection with the implementation in the Russian oil industry tax maneuver.

«I know how hard it is moving. I did not say that this will all be simultaneously resolved,» the Ambassador said in an interview with TV channel «Belarus 1», referring to the Belarusian-Russian negotiations on the issues of concern, in particular, to compensate for the losses Minsk from the tax maneuver. The interview was shown on Sunday.

The diplomat recalled that earlier the parties had planned to December 15 to determine the algorithm of the decision of a question on compensation of the tax maneuver. «Come December 15 — we’ll say that something did. I have my doubts that it will be December 15. But will do sooner or later — better sooner — it certainly. I go (in Russia — ed.) to work, (including ed) in oil and gas negotiations. While progress is not very big. Will have to connect to the negotiations, along to find arguments to prove,» — said Semashko.

He explained that oil and gas issues are among the main issues, because Belarus «85% of primary energy, oil, natural gas and so on, imports, and from one country – Russia.» «In Belarus we produced only 1.6 million tons of oil per year, and for a full load of our (oil — ed.) plants need 24 million tons, especially because we finish the renovation,» — said Semashko.

He noted that, despite the Union state with Russia and the Eurasian economic Union, the conditions of enterprises in Belarus and Russia differ significantly due to different energy prices. «KamAZ pays 4 cents per kilowatt-hour, and the MAZ – 11. KamAZ pays about $ 65 per thousand cubic meters of gas and MAZ have to pay 276. And in the cost of production of energy takes a large proportion… It is a priori unequal conditions. If we solve the problem of reducing the price of gas, of oil, it will help very much to the real sector of the economy, industry, transport, agriculture, utilities and population,» — said Semashko.

In Russia in the years 2019-2024 of the planned implementation of so-called tax maneuver, which involved a gradual zeroing of export duties on oil and increase tax rates. According to the Finance Ministry of Belarus, the loss of its budget in 2019 will be $ 300 million. Additional costs in Belarus arise from the expected increase in oil prices from Russia and reduction of export duties on oil products.