The Ministry of defence of Belgium creates a female special forces, media reported

© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova in fotosensasi Belgian special forces. Archival photoThe Ministry of defence of Belgium creates a female special forces, media reported© RIA Novosti / Irina to Kalashnikova the image Bank

Division of special forces, consisting exclusively of female soldiers will appear in the Armed forces of Belgium in late 2019 — early 2020, said the broadcaster RTBF.

«The Armed forces intend to create a special forces unit for women, which should appear at the end of 2019 — beginning of 2020», — stated in the message.

In Belgium, the first women were recruited into the army in 1975. Prior to that, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity could be drafted into the ranks of the military only in the period of mobilization.

According to RTBF, the proportion of women in the Belgian army, the personnel of which consists of 27 thousand people, is 7.8 percent. In the category of higher-level officers, women are more 13.9 percent.

From compulsory military service in the Kingdom declined in 1992. Military service on a voluntary basis in a professional army Belgium recovered from January 1, 2010.

Citizens of Belgium, who decided to enter the military service, during the year pass basic training, and then get the right to serve in the military unit, which had previously chose for himself. Those who feel unfit for service, during the first six months will be able to leave, by notifying the command in three days.

The program of military training for youths and girls at the age of 24.

The first six months, conscripts are paid salaries in the amount of seven euros per day, not to mention put some of them social benefits. After the first six months of compulsory military service soldiers depending on military category put at least the basic salary of 21 thousand 94 euros per year excluding tax.

In Belgium the period of military service limited to three years (four for officer candidates). At the end of this period, soldiers can leave the army or to continue service on a professional basis.