Yevgeny Petrosyan celebrated divorce

© Photo : Alexey YushenkovЕвгений PetrosyanYevgeny Petrosyan celebrated divorce© Photo : Alexey Yushenkov

Yevgeny Petrosyan in the company of his lawyer Sergei Zhorin said the divorce with the actress Elena Stepanenko. Posted Zhorin in Instagram.

«Thank you to everyone who supported me. Of course, this is a very significant event in my life. Everything came to a correct conclusion,» said the comedian.

He also expressed the hope that his ex-wife, «all will be well, all will work out.»

«What are our years!», — added the artist.

16 November Moscow’s Khamovniki court officially annulled the marriage of Eugene Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko.

The couple has been married for over thirty years. About the reason of breakup is not officially reported. Divorce asked representatives of both sides, but the first lawsuit was filed by Elena Stepanenko.

Yevgeny Petrosyan celebrated divorce© Vitaly Pedicellata divorce a