Browder has called the new charges, Russia’s response to the case Skrobala

© AFP 2018 / NealУильям Leon Browder. Archival photoBrowder has called the new charges, Russia’s response to the case Skrobala© 2018 AFP / Leon Neal

The founder of Hermitage Capital William Browder said that a new criminal case against him in Russia was a response to charges in connection with the case Skrobala.

«Feverish dream of Putin — in response to the fact that he was caught poisoning Skrobala to accuse me for four murders, including the poisoning of Sergei Magnitsky,» Browder said on Twitter.

In Russia opened a new criminal case against William Browder — the creation of a criminal community, said Advisor to the Prosecutor General Mykola Atmore. In the near future Moscow is planning to announce the businessman on the international wanted list in the framework of the UN Convention against transnational crime. The possibility of extradition provided for in the Convention, even in cases when between the countries, which decide the issue of extradition, there is no bilateral extradition Treaty.

The Prosecutor General’s office believes «very likely» that Sergei Magnitsky was killed on the orders Browder «as one of his closest associates.» The office believed that Magnitsky and other accomplices of the crimes Browder can send «sabotage of chemical substances with aluminium compounds».

The United States in December 2012 adopted the «Magnitsky Act» on sanctions against Russians, sacrament, according to the American authorities, to human rights violations. The Russian authorities, in turn, has repeatedly stated about the inadmissibility of politicization of the «Magnitsky case».

Later the «Magnitsky Act» was given the status of global law, sanctions it should not be confined to citizens, but apply to all countries whose citizens violate, according to US human rights.