Izvestia: in Russia may grow by sausage

© Depositphotos / омиг12Колбасные products. Archival photoIzvestia: in Russia may grow by sausage© Depositphotos / omur12

The proposal of the expert Council under the RF government to introduce a tax on processed products red meat was supported by the Ministry of health, the cost of the sausage goods can grow by almost 30%, reported Monday the newspaper «Izvestia».

According to the publication, the relevant initiative is contained in the opinion of the expert Council under the government of Russia on the program «Strengthening public health», which is part of the national project «Demography». The Ministry of health, which is responsible for the programme, supported the emergence of the excise tax, but concrete steps are still being discussed.

According to the opinion of the expert Council, this measure should contribute to the improvement of citizens and the increase in life expectancy. The authors propose to use the proceeds to reduce the price of healthy food.

«The excise tax on processed products red meat — sausage, bacon — can be more than 160 rubles per kilogram», — told the newspaper the Board of experts.

It is noted that on October 17 the document with the initiative was sent to the Ministry of labor signed by a member of the Board of Darya Halturina. She said the newspaper, citing the research of scientists from Oxford, due to excess consumption of red and processed meat in the world is 2.4 million deaths per year.