Lithuanian Prime Minister urged NATO to strengthen the capacity of the air defense of the region

© AP Photo / Mindaugas KulbisПремьер-the Minister of Lithuania Saulius Squirrels. Archival photoLithuanian Prime Minister urged NATO to strengthen the capacity of the air defense of the region© AP Photo / Mindaugas Kulbis

Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulius Squirrels during the meeting in Brussels with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged NATO to strengthen the capacity of air defense in the region, the press service of the Lithuanian government.

«In recent years, NATO has indeed made a lot of steps in terms of strengthening somewhat forgotten facilities for collective defense and deterrence. In turn, Lithuania is especially important that NATO was ready at any time to properly react to possible aggression, to strengthen the capacity of air defence and take other important steps», — the press service quoted the words Skordalia.

According to her, the Squirrels in the meeting stressed that Lithuania carries out all the commitments of NATO. «Over the past few years, defence funding has increased more than two times,» — he said, adding that the modernization of the army Lithuania annually allocates more than 30% of the total defence budget.

«During the meeting much attention was paid to the American-European relations. It was concluded that the presence of U.S. troops in Europe is vital for Europe’s security,» adds the Agency.

During the meeting the sides discussed NATO policy towards Russia. «Not observing any positive changes in the behavior of Russia there are no preconditions to change the close-knit lines of the EU and NATO on this issue», — stated in the message.

Air defense of the Baltic States is one of the weakest areas in military terms. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia currently have the air defense systems of short range (3-5 miles).