Railways in the coming days for the first time will present a model of the new reserved seat

© RIA Novostimoscow new second-class carriages of Railways with modular spacesRailways in the coming days for the first time will present a model of the new reserved seat© RIA Novosti

Railways in the coming days for the first time will show the model of the new couchette car with modular spaces and passenger seats with curtains, in which you can enter, sit, lie, all to touch and see, told RIA Novosti press-service of the company.

The CEO of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov, in early October, told reporters that the company is discussing with the developers of rolling stock on the basis of the General and couchette cars new zones of personal comfort. Perhaps, he said, it will be a space transformer to be able to form individually by itself, or place the capsule type. Previously, RIA Novosti has published concept photos of the new blackarrow.

«The holding company «Russian Railways» will present a modernized version of the second-class car that meets the needs of modern passengers, at the XII international exhibition «Transport of Russia», which will be held 20-22 November in Gostiny Dvor», — told RIA Novosti press-service of Russian Railways.

According to the photos, seen by RIA Novosti, the new reserved seats will be more comfortable for passengers. The modular design creates more personal space. The shelves themselves in the new design look like sofas with headrests. Each seat is equipped with blackout curtains like vertical blinds, which at any moment can be closed and to completely fenced from the other passengers seat. Have power sockets and USB connectors, as well as individual lighting.

The concept’s interior is made in bright colors, the benches in gray with red headrests. Tables and partitions — in the colors light wood. In the toilets and hygiene of the soul, changing tables, automatic taps, soap dispenser, paper towels, built-in Hairdryer. The representative of Russian Railways RIA Novosti has confirmed the authenticity of the photos, noting that the company is positioning this project as the concept of a new second-class carriages with modular spaces.