Roskoshestvo launched a study of beer drinks

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Roskoshestvo will conduct a study of beer drinks, the results of which organization will offer measures to change legislation regarding the classification of brewery products, as well as methods of quality control, said Roskoshestvo.

«Roskoshestvo on behalf of the government of the Russian Federation will undertake a study of a significant segment of the brewing market, which is marked as «beer drinks». By results of work a report will be submitted to the government and proposed measures to change legislation regarding the classification of brewery products, as well as methods for quality control», — stated in the message. On the start of the study said the head of Roskoshestvo Maxim Protasov on the forum «Anticounterfeit».

It is noted that a preliminary analysis of the market of beer drinks has shown that on the same shelf there are four categories of goods, which are now labeled «beer drinks».

«In particular, is a beer containing more than 80% malt, but with the composition of natural flavors of orange peel, coriander, lemon… in fact, this product is a beer with flavors», — explained in Roccacasale. It recalled that, according to the legislative definition of beer, weight of sugary foods in this product should not exceed 2%, and using aromatic and food additives are prohibited that pose difficulties for the production of special varieties.

The second category contains drink containing less than 80% malt. For example, drinks with additives from raw materials of grain, corn, rice. Another category beer drinks: those containing at least 80% of malt with the addition of water, synthetic and natural flavors, for example, called on the label. In addition, under the classification of «beer drinks» hit and low alcohol beverages containing added alcohol, fizzy drinks and other unacceptable additives, including preservatives, which are essentially low-alcohol cocktails.

«The current classification of beer, the designation of completely different types of product of the same name, introduces consumers to the confusion, prevents fair competition, do not meet international standards and classifications» — are the words of Protasov. In his opinion, in the category of «beer» and «beer drinks» there are so-called «legal fraud» based on the absence of control methods and the lack of clear identifying features.