Rosprirodnadzor recommended to reduce the capture of orcas and belugas in the far Eastern Federal district

CC0 / werner22brigitte / whale-Belukha. Archival photoRosprirodnadzor recommended to reduce the capture of orcas and belugas in the far Eastern Federal districtCC0 / werner22brigitte /

The state expert Commission of Rosprirodnadzor on the results of examination of materials of the total allowable catch (TAC) of belugas and killer whales in the Okhotsk sea declined the forecast and recommended to reduce the volume of withdrawal of the first kind 5 times and second 2 times, told RIA Novosti the representative of Department Rosprirodnadzora on DFO Nelia Russkinskaya.

According to her, the Department has completed the state environmental expertise of the TAC materials for marine mammals in the waters of the Russian Federation for 2019, which commissioned the Central office of Rosprirodnadzor. Russkinskaya noted that during the examination the Department has received numerous requests, including from foreign experts regarding the TAC for catch of white whales and killer whales in the Okhotsk sea.

«All appeals submitted to the expert Committee for review and consideration when deciding. The result is an integrated and comprehensive assessment of the documents submitted for examination, and taking into account public opinion, the expert Commission decided that the total allowable catch (TAC) of Beluga whales for the current year is significant and cannot be considered reasonable. The Commission recommended to modify materials ODE with reduction of seizures 5 times and only for scientific purposes,» said Russkinskaya, without specifying the final number of individuals for capture.

She noted that in its current form the forecast must be rejected.

Rosprirodnadzor recommended to reduce the capture of orcas and belugas in the far Eastern Federal district© RIA Novosti / Alexander Qualitati in fotoracconti in ODE. Who benefits from «whale prison»»against the whales, the Commission took into account the current controversial situation and the ambiguity of scientific approaches, and the fact that the inclusion of killer whales in the Red data book of the Kamchatka region, and encouraged the customer to review and revise the materials ODE of whales primarily for scientific research and accounting for the 2019 and 2020 with reduction of seizures in 2 times», — said the interlocutor.

According to him, the conclusion of the Commission approved by order of the Department Rosprirodnadzora on DFO.

Earlier, Greenpeace Russia, RIA Novosti reported that illegal sale in China 13 endangered orcas prepares in Russia, over the last five years there were already taken out 15 of these marine mammals. In RPN issuing permits for the export abroad of rare animals, said that studying the problem together with the FSB border service. In Vladivostok the environmental Prosecutor’s office earlier reported that in the course of the audit circumstances and objectives of content in the Bay Average in Primorye, endangered killer whales and Beluga whales found violations by the Russian Federal fisheries Agency, and companies that have caught the animals.

Investigators last week opened a criminal case under article «Illegal extraction (catch) of aquatic biological resources». According to the regional SUCK, several legal entities caught 12 of 90 orcas and belugas. Found that 11 species of whales are young and belong to a transit species, listed in Red data book of Kamchatka Krai.

It is also established that 90 of Beluga whales has not reached the age of puberty, and 13 of them are aged under 1 year, reported the UK. The law prohibits the catch of a group of cetaceans, which spotted the young fingerlings, with their accompanying females, and females with obvious signs of pregnancy.

In August two public organization «Sakhalin environment watch» and the club «boomerang», and the representative of initiative group «friends of the ocean» has addressed in court with the claim about contest of the positive conclusion of state ecological expertise for the documentation to change the ODE, which allowed the catch of 13 orcas in the Okhotsk sea in 2018.