The Catholic Church has publicly acknowledged the existence of violence against children in Spain

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photovacation. Archival photoThe Catholic Church has publicly acknowledged the existence of violence against children in Spain© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The Catholic Church has publicly acknowledged the facts of sexual abuse of minors by priests in Spain, this statement was made by the President of the Episcopal conference of Spain, Ricardo Blasts.

«The Church openly acknowledges a different kind of violence and is determined to get rid of them,» he said at the opening of the plenary Assembly of bishops. He thanked all the victims who found the strength to talk about these facts, because it «helps the Church to realize what had happened, and the need to react strongly». The speech of the cardinal was broadcast on the website of the Episcopal conference of Spain.

Blakes also said that «must not be covered by abuse». «The sins that in some cases are crimes, must be humbly acknowledged before God and without reservation in front of people,» added cardinal.

However, he failed to present data about how many cases of violence against children by the Spanish priests known to the Church, nor said, what punishment can wait for the perpetrators of these crimes. The cardinal acknowledged that many victims are «young people» that could cause «suffering for life».

The cardinal also promised to take measures so that such incidents are not repeated in the future, but added that «it is illegal to keep unfounded suspicions».

The twentieth of November, when we celebrate the world day of the child in the Catholic churches of Spain will be the service for minors victims of violence.

Cases of pedophilia in the ranks of the priests — one of the main problems for the Roman Catholic Church. In June 2016 the Pope simplified the procedure for the resignation of bishops for ignoring cases of pedophilia. He found that among the serious grounds for the immediate suspension of the Bishop of negligence, including in responding to complaints of sexual violence against children or «vulnerable groups» of adults on the part of the clergy of his diocese.

In Vatican city on 21-24 February, the Congress of presidents of national bishops ‘ conferences to discuss the theme «prevention of abuse of children and vulnerable adults.»