The Czech Parliament on Friday will discuss the issue of no confidence in the government of Babish

© AP Photo / Valentina PetrovaПремьер-Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish. Archival photoThe Czech Parliament on Friday will discuss the issue of no confidence in the government of Babish© AP Photo / Valentina Petrova

The deputies of the Czech Parliament at a special meeting on Friday to discuss the issue of no confidence to the government of Prime Minister Andrew Babish, this proposal made earlier by all six opposition parties, said on Monday the press service of the Parliament.

«The Parliament speaker Radek Vondracek scheduled a hearing on the question on expression of mistrust to the government, on Friday, November 23, beginning at 9.00 am (11.00 MSK). The meeting is convened on the initiative of the parliamentary factions of six opposition parties», — stated in the message.

Opposition leaders made a similar offer after the Prague portal Seznam published a video-interview with 35-year-old son of Prime Minister Andrew Babish from his first marriage, in which he stated that he had signed documents for the firm of the father «stork’s Nest», not knowing what was going on, and, in addition, the father allegedly organized his «abduction» in the Crimea, to shelter there from testifying in the case of the above mentioned company.

The Prime Minister said that his son suffers from schizophrenia, and the journalists were accused that they behave in relation to his family «like hyenas».

On Saturday in the Czech Republic marked another anniversary of the anticommunist «velvet revolution» of 1989. Almost all meetings held in most cities of the Republic, the main theme, in addition to the anniversary of the revolution, there was a demand for the resignation of Babish.

To recommend to the government a vote of no confidence the opposition needs to win the votes of 101 deputies out of 200, it has 92. Led by Babish movement ANO is represented in Parliament by 78 deputies, 15 mandates have included in the ruling coalition, the social Democrats, as many have the Communists, who tacitly support the current government.

In turn, the President of the Republic Milos Zeman said on Thursday he did not believe that the opposition can Express a vote of no confidence in the government, but if such happens, it will charge with forming a new Cabinet again Andrew Babish, the movement which won the last parliamentary elections in October 2017.

The case of the firm «stork’s Nest»

In January the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and leader of the ruling movement ANO and billionaires Andrew Babish, was stripped of parliamentary immunity in connection with the investigation against him as the head of the largest Eastern European corporations Agrofert. We are talking about suspicion of illegally obtaining EU grants of about 2 million euros for the company «stork’s Nest», which was part of the Corporation, but then had to isolate from her. The company received euroconseil as a small firm, and then was once again included in Agrofert. Babish in Parliament said that the firm «stork’s Nest» at the time of receiving EU grants belonged to his two adult children, son and daughter from his first marriage.

On Friday, representatives of the police of Prague, said reopened the investigation at the request of Babish Jr. about his alleged abduction in Crimea, but they can’t get in touch with him. In turn, the Prime Minister said that he was in contact with his son and on Saturday and Sunday visited him in Geneva.