The Ministry of health had proposed to introduce excise duties on a sausage, said Skvortsova

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The Ministry of healthcare has not proposed to introduce excise duties on processed products red meat, particularly sausage, but recommends not to abuse them, said the Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova.

On Monday, the newspaper «Izvestia» wrote that the expert Council under the government of the Russian Federation proposed to introduce excise duty on by-products of red meat, which may be more than 160 rubles per 1 kilogram. The corresponding offer contains in the opinion of the expert Council of the program «strengthening public health». According to the labor Ministry, the proposal of the expert Council under the Russian government already acted in their Ministry, and also sent to the Ministry of health.

«We need to be aware that for the majority of Russians sausage variety are affordable and delicious food, that is why the Ministry of health in its development strategy of healthy eating are not laid this measure (the imposition of excise duties), we were not offered», — said Skvortsova in the broadcast channel «Russia 24».

«But when experts familiar with the vozovskogo (world health organization – ed.) recommendations it was announced, we commented that, indeed, these products are harmful, so we just all wish not to abuse large quantities of these products,» she said.

Earlier, the initiative of the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation also stated that he does not consider idea of introduction of excise duty on processed meat products is appropriate and sufficiently Mature.