Canada condemned the attack on journalist in Ukraine

© AFP 2018 / Sergei Irpola guard while doctors provide medical assistance to the marchers for the rights of transgender people in Kiev, Ukraine. Archival photoCanada condemned the attack on journalist in Ukraine© 2018 AFP / Sergei Supinsky

The foreign Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland condemned the violence against canadian journalist in Kiev.

On Sunday in Kiev were disrupted a March for the rights of transgender people, the police reported about two victims. Opponents of the March were attacked in the center of the Ukrainian capital on canadian photographer Michael Colborne. According to police, which brought the case under the article «hooliganism», the canadian said that initially he had a verbal altercation with two men when he led a shooting Sunday afternoon near the St. Vladimir Cathedral.

«Shameful violence perpetrated by radicals against transgender members of the LGBT community in Ukraine. I am also deeply concerned that the canadian journalist was attacked. We join the government of Ukraine, condemning this violence,» said Freeland in his microblog on Twitter, commenting on the attack on canadian photographer in Kiev.

Earlier official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Ekaterina Zelenko also commented on the incident with a canadian photographer in Kiev, calling the unacceptable attacks on journalists, as well as any manifestation of intolerance and violence.