In Moscow, three of the restaurant «Starlite diner» was closed due to hepatitis A

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Dancevalley of the CPS. Archival photoIn Moscow, three of the restaurant «Starlite diner» was closed due to hepatitis A© RIA Novosti / Alexey Danichev

Management of Rospotrebnadzora in Moscow have closed three restaurants of a network «Starlite diner» in the capital after conducting an epidemiological investigation at the eight cases of hepatitis a among employees and visitors of restaurants of the network, reported in a press-Department service.

«In the epidemiological investigation it was established that the restaurants of the network «Starlite diner» working with numerous gross violations… Considering that the violations found during the investigation, pose a threat to the health and lives of people and can contribute to the spread of infectious diseases among visitors of restaurants, facilities three restaurants are closed and sealed, and administrative materials according to the results of the investigation sent to the court for the suspension of three restaurants «Starlite diner» 90 days», — stated in the message.

Thus, the results of investigations at restaurants in the Central and Western administrative districts, about 80% of the staff do not have vaccinations against hepatitis A and dysentery, in restaurants there are no conditions for processing and storage of products, design solutions do not match the capacity of the restaurants, sanitary-technical condition of production and storage facilities unsatisfactory, also checked the points violated the conditions of washing and disinfection of tableware and ventilation systems.

«The last routine check of the network was conducted in 2012 and in the future in connection with the constant change of economic entities – legal entities (the last in March 2018), and Supervisory breaks for small businesses scheduled inspection was not carried out», — noted in Department.

In Rospotrebnadzor also said that as of 16 November, the activity of one of the restaurants suspended by the court, the epidemiological investigation continues.