In the Railways told about the ticket prices in the new second-class carriages

© RIA Novostimoscow new second-class carriages of Railways with modular spacesIn the Railways told about the ticket prices in the new second-class carriages© RIA Novosti

Ticket prices in the new economy class cars will not be higher than usual, said to journalists the General Director of Federal passenger company (FPC, «daughter» of Russian Railways on the transportations of passengers in distant following) Peter Ivanov.

«The ticket price will not change. Prices in second-class carriages are regulated by the FAS. Therefore, the prices that second-class carriages were until today, they remain in the new concepts of second — class cars,» — he said on the sidelines of the exhibition «Transport of Russia».

The Federal Antimonopoly service sets tariffs for transportations in couchette and General cars.

On the eve of the RIA Novosti news Agency has published pictures of the new second-class carriage. As promised in the Railways, it will be more comfortable for passengers. The modular design creates more personal space. Shelves in the new design look like sofas with headrests. Each seat is equipped with blackout curtains like vertical blinds, at any time you can close them and get fully-fenced from the other passengers seat. Have power sockets and USB connectors, as well as individual lighting.

From today until 22 November, the new car can be seen at the exhibition «Transport of Russia», which takes place in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow.