In the US, two more people were convicted in the murder of Russian Artem Sibarova

© Flickr / RogerЗал trial in the United States. Archival photoIn the US, two more people were convicted in the murder of Russian Artem Sibarova© Flickr / Roger

The second and third accused were found by the court on Monday convicted in the murder of two students, including a citizen of Russia Artem Sibarova, said at a press conference, the Prosecutor Montgomery County, Maryland, John McCarthy.

The case has been detained four suspects: Ronnie Galicia, Edgar Garcia-gaona, Roger Garcia and Jose canales-Yanes. In July 2018 canales-Yanes was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. On Monday, was found guilty Ronnie Galicia and Edgar Garcia-gaona, a sentence will announce on January 22. The Prosecutor’s office requires them also life imprisonment without parole. The verdict against a fourth defendant will make later.

«(Killed) lured to death,» said McCarthy, excerpts of the press conference which was shown on local TV station NBC4. It was attended by parents of victims — 17-year-old Shadi ADI Najjar and 18-year-old Artem Ziberov.

The murder occurred in June 2017. Najjar and Ziberov were shot dead in the Northern suburbs of Washington Rockville in a parked car. They died the day before prom at his school. Najjar received four bullets, Ziberov ten, both died on the spot. According to the Prosecutor, shot all four suspects.

The investigation established that the suspects wanted to avenge Najjar that, in their opinion, robbed the girl of one of the suspects in 2016. The family of the Najjar denied that he was anyone robbed. Ziberov, according to the investigation, became the victim of an ambush.

Police believe that the victims were lured to the scene by promising to buy their extra ticket to the school prom.