In the Volgograd hospital, he worked lieferung with a fake diploma

© Fotolia / Sudok1Больница. Archival photoIn the Volgograd hospital, he worked lieferung with a fake diploma© Fotolia / Sudok1

Lieferung who worked in the hospital on a false diploma, will be tried in the Volgograd region, said Tuesday the Prosecutor’s office of the region.

According to authorities, in January 2018 the man got a job in a hospital Ilovlinskogo district of the Volgograd region the head and the surgeon, upon presentation of a certificate allowing to conduct medical activities in the specialty «Surgery» and a diploma of professional retraining issued by the Russian University of friendship of peoples.

«In the future, at the request of prosecutors Ilovlinskogo district of the Volgograd region Federal STATE Autonomous educational institution «Russian University of friendship of peoples» is evidence that the man in the institution actually was not trained and any documents of graduation, it wasn’t issued,» — said the Prosecutor.

The man is accused of knowingly using a forged document, he fully admitted his guilt, the hospital fired him, prosecutors said.

«Criminal case is directed by office of public Prosecutor Ilovlinskiy district for consideration on the merits of the magistrate court plot №10 of the Volgograd region», — stated in the message.

The Prosecutor added that during the work at the hospital, the accused had not carried out any surgery.

Earlier the inhabitant of the Volgograd region, who worked as a pediatrician at the hospital of Leninsky district with a fake diploma, was sentenced to 250 hours of compulsory work.