Located on the border with Mexico the US military is coming home for Christmas

© AFP 2018 / Herika MartinezПограничный patrol the US border between Mexico and the United States. Archival photoLocated on the border with Mexico the US military is coming home for Christmas© AFP 2018 / Herika Martinez

The U.S. military, located in the South-Western border with Mexico, will be home for Christmas, according to the newspaper Politico, citing Lieutenant General, U.S. army Jeffrey Buchanan.

According to Buchanan, 5.8 thousand US troops that are currently on the border with Mexico, will return home this week. Among those who will be sent home in the coming days, includes soldiers of the engineering and logistics Department.

«Our target date (for returning military personnel – ed.) is now December 15, and I have no indications from anyone that this date will be postponed,» said Buchanan.

The Hill reported that despite calls to bring the troops home for Thanksgiving, the US President Donald trump said that US troops would be on the border with Mexico, «as long as necessary».

The caravan of migrants moving to the USA through Mexico. According to the latest data of the Mexican authorities, in the caravan are a little more than 3.6 thousand people. Even the order of 1.75 thousand migrants asked for asylum in Mexico. Also a number of migrants stopped at the border of Guatemala and Mexico. Two more of the caravan of migrants moving to the US from El Salvador.

Trump earlier said that the border with Mexico will be placed up to 15 thousand troops to prevent the entry of illegal migrants. However, he noted that the U.S. authorities are ready to consider applications for admission into the country legally.