The EU is considering sanctions mechanism on human rights, the source said

© AFP 2018 / Gerard CerlesФлаг EU headquarters of the European Union in Brussels. Archival photoThe EU is considering sanctions mechanism on human rights, the source said© AFP 2018 / Gerard Cerles

To talk about any decisions in connection with the Dutch initiative to establish a European mechanism for sanctions for violations of human rights at this stage is premature, said on Tuesday to journalists a source in the EU institutions.

The head of the foreign Ministry of the Netherlands Stef Blok announced the negotiations of the EU the idea of establishing a sanctions regime for violations of human rights. According to him, consensus on this issue yet, but the topic can be included in the agenda of the next Ministerial talks in December.

«At this stage it is premature to talk about any decisions, there is evaluation and discussion. But we can not exclude that in December it will be back,» the source said, commenting on the holding in the Hague consultations.

He also confirmed that consultations involving the representatives of the European external action service.

On Monday, the European official familiar with the consultations told RIA Novosti that the EU consider an initiative of the Netherlands authorities to create a broad mechanism of sanctions for violations in the sphere of human rights worthy of consideration.

Previously, the EU initiated the establishment of a mechanism of imposing sanctions for use of chemical weapons. In addition, EU countries agreed to explore the possibility of developing a separate regime of sanctions for cyber attacks.