Unemployed Russians want to oblige to pay the premiums

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In the state Duma introduced a bill which obliges self-employed Russians to pay for all insurance premiums to social funds. For those who do not will to do, the punishment shall be a fine. However, in the lower and in the upper house of Parliament this idea was criticized.

The initiative to oblige to pay the premiums of those who do not work officially, made a member of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs Sergei Vostretsov, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta». He drew attention to the fact that about 18 million Russians officially do not work anywhere. However, according to him, many of them are self-employed and do not pay insurance premiums, but in this case, as formally employed citizens are entitled to social guarantees from the state.

According to the MP, such people receive a social pension and free medical care through contributions of the working population, not participating in the formation of the pension system.

So, according to the deputies, self-employed citizens must pay all insurance premiums. Those who refuse to make payments, according to the bill, will face a fine.

The volume of payments can be calculated from the minimum wage. However, this duty will not affect recipients of unemployment benefits, suspensii and old-age pensions, and those dependent added Vostretsov.

Now for employed people, these contributions pays the employer — 22 percent to the Pension Fund, 5.1 percent — in the obligatory medical insurance Fund and 2.9 percent to the social insurance Fund.

What do you think parliamentarians

The idea vostretsova and criticized in the state Duma and the Federation Council.

Thus, the head of the social Committee of the upper chamber Valery Ryazansky believes that the most important thing now is to encourage self-employed people pay taxes, not to organize against them the sanctions of the event.

«I think it is unlikely that the state Duma will support the bill. We only accept the provision on the inclusion of self-employed in the system of welfare spending and the first place you need to put the motivation for their exit from the «gray zone» — he said RIA Novosti.

According to the Senator, you need to learn to manage this process, to predict it.

While Ryazan has not excluded that in the future to those who are not working anywhere and is not willing to pay the premiums yourself, the question may arise, what will happen to their pension, sick leave, child benefits. But now, he said, you need to conduct a pilot project involving the self-employed in formal labor and tax.

As the head of the Duma Committee on labour and social policy Yaroslav Nilov, we must first deal with the reasons because of which the country has a problem of formal employment.

He noted that he is opposed to the idea vostretsova.

«You have to understand that today we have 20 million citizens live below the poverty line. If a person is really unemployed, does not receive any funds or receives small funds, being self-employed which means he’s going to pay these fees? He has to pay a Bank loan and then to run from the collectors? We still want more people below the poverty line determined?» — said Nilov.

According to him, the problem with grey and black employment, and a corresponding budget deficit really exists.

«But no need to fight with people, and understanding the nature of the appearance of gray and black employment, to eliminate causes, not consequences,» — said Nilov.

He reminded that all extra-budgetary funds operate on an insurance basis. So, the social insurance Fund insures against accidents in production, so if the person is not employed officially, and about any insured event on the production of speech can not be. And in the absence of contributions to the pension Fund of the citizens is not formed pension rights. Contributions to HIF for the unemployed are paid from the budget. «We have a welfare state, and health care to all is guaranteed by the Constitution,» — said Nilov.

«You have to understand that many citizens who are unemployed, go to the conditions of the employer, because they have no other choice. They, maybe, with pleasure would work officially and received benefits while on sick leave, on leave for child care, would form a pension. But if the employer does not deduct the contribution, and these rights are not generated», — said the head of the Committee.

The experts

The initiative vostretsova also commented on the lawyer Sergei Mikhailov. In his opinion, such changes in tax legislation could harm the really unemployed citizens.

«If we are talking about the hidden earnings, there is logic in this. Surely we are talking about cases where people hide their income. However, it is possible to take other measures to bring it to clean water, forced to work «in white», but not to force all to pay,» — said the lawyer.

«As people become self-employed if he in fact was not working? It is not known who and how will determine whether a person is hiding income or he never employed. But if he gets fined, he’ll have to borrow from friends, go to the Bank for a loan, which will further worsen its financial position,» says Mikhailov.

Member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Alexei Zudin, called the bill vostretsova the relevant principles of justice and fit into the logic of deducing from the shadow of the self-employed. But all this needs a thorough check, he said.

«It is among this category of «broken but working» the majority are just self-employed. Here it is necessary, I think, to check,» he told the TV channel RT.

Unemployed Russians want to oblige to pay the premiums© RIA Novosti / Maxim Pogodinskaya want to withdraw from the operation of the Labour codecname, said Zudin, it is important to do so under the act has not got «inevitably unemployed». Otherwise it will become a manifestation of «blatant social injustice,» he said.

It is also necessary to study the administration of this initiative, the expert added.

«Not going to happen so that we create a law that could worsen the situation of the Russian citizens? If all these risks are taken into account, then, indeed, the adoption of this law can only be welcomed and it really will work as a tool of the legalization of self-employed parts of the Russian citizens», — concluded the Zudin.