«Useless scrap of paper». Foster children have slandered the mother, and now want to go home

© Photo from personal archive of Svetlana Solovieva Slaviavision with children«Useless scrap of paper». Foster children have slandered the mother, and now want to go home© Photo from personal archive of Svetlana Solovieva

In the Ryazan region, 14-year-old girl had an argument with the foster mother, the 18-year-old young man with whom I wanted to meet. By having two sisters, I wrote a complaint to the guardianship. The letter was to the police, and that evening the children were taken to a detention center for street children.

Horrified by this result, Teens admitted that all up. Begged to let them go home to mom, but later: for Svetlana Solovieva from the village of Sapozhok prosecuted for dereliction of parental responsibilities. Now it can deprive of seven children.

«Life has spun»

In conversation with RIA Novosti Svetlana Soloveva has told that always dreamed of a big family, but in 2010, she was diagnosed with a serious illness. I had to undergo chemotherapy. «Life is sharply spun, I was rooting very much. It was so bad, that I decided I will live, I will educate orphans. Fate gave me this chance», — says Svetlana.

With the problems of street she knows firsthand. In her youth she had some time to live in the orphanage. Her mother did not refuse, just in the village there was no school, «So, I went to school with the orphanage, and on the weekend to go home. I know their entire life, customs, experiences».

The experience of raising children, abandoned by parents, were: Soloviev graduated from the Moscow pedagogical College and for six years worked in inspection on Affairs of minors in Mitino.

In 2013, the couple took sisters Vika and Karina. By this time the family moved to a large house with a farm: chickens, ducks, geese, goats, sheep. Was even fish in the pond. Almost immediately, the care was offered another girl agreed. After a year the family came two sisters from the Mordovian orphanage, Yana and angelina, the oldest. In 2016 appeared the boy Ilyusha and his sister.

In addition to foster, Soloviev two of their children: son, who is 18 years of age, and a daughter. The girl has a rare genetic disease that requires constant care and attention. It must be handled by experts who in no Boot. Therefore, Soloviev went to the University and will soon graduate from speech therapist.

She tried to reach out to the teenager and explain why, in her opinion, it is not necessary to meet this young man. In the end, Svetlana appealed to the guardianship for help: «I wanted to talked with the girl, since she’s not listening to me. She is naive, and the guy is an adult. I was scared for her.»

Soloviev’s restores the sequence of events (about what happened told her the girls themselves, but later). She went to custody on Friday. As it turned out later in the day there was its foster daughter. Said that to live in the family don’t want. Came three — two sisters and one younger.

«They said, «Okay, come back home, but not probalities mom was here.» The girls listened. Care staff visited us on Monday afternoon. Just talked to angelina eye to eye. What — I don’t know: I was asked to leave. On Tuesday the girls went to school and never came back», — says Svetlana.

Called her from custody and put before the fact: my daughter filed on the mother, the children were taken. «I was asked to bring items and documents. I broke down in tears. A few hours didn’t know where my children, neither in school, nor care to communicate with me is not wanted. «I have no idea where they are» — that’s the whole answer,» she continues.

Mukhin also considers that the case is too, and hopes to court, it will not come: «a Criminal case is opened when there is a threat to life and health, there is no such. Everyone wants in the family. When we met with the girls, they said they were just offended by the mother-in-law wanted her to teach. Mom told angelina that the Gypsy was no match for her, and after all, rightly said! Teenagers behave like Romeo and Juliet. And what we have in the end? The boy is now generally on the run».

The Ombudsman says: perhaps the mother was sometimes hard, I might add, but she wanted to reach out to children to be heard.

«She understands that somewhere was too far, but somewhere overlooked. Maybe mom needs to think about ways of raising children. Perhaps, if this incident did not happen because the family has continued. And now mom podkorrektirovatj behavior. And children should understand that such actions should be serious payback,» concludes Mukhina.

But the Ombudsman to influence the Prosecutor: «she has your vision. And demand something we are not eligible. All who could, expressed: the Association of foster families, we care. But the verdict stands. Girls, meanwhile, several times I was asked: «because Of our complaints mom will go to jail?» I promised not.»

RIA Novosti has tried to get a comment from the Prosecutor Sapozhok district Natalia Kachanova. At reception explained that she is constantly in the field, but recorded a phone number and promised to call back. At the time of publication of the material, Kachanov the connection failed.

Earlier in mass media it has already commented on the fact Solovieva and clarified that prosecutors are not required to take explanations from the parents until the children removed from the family and not resolved the issue of their safety. All the details will be established during the investigation. Thus the Prosecutor added that the said adoptive parents must be approached critically and to the point — objectively.