A new species of beetle of the pilous was named in honor of Yegor Letov

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the cinema «pioneer»Egor Letov. Archive photoA new species of beetle of the pilous was named in honor of Yegor Letov© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the cinema «pioneer»

A scientist from Yaroslavl region Alexey Sazhnev told RIA Novosti that discovered a new species of beetle of the pilous and called it Augyles letovi — in honor of the leader of the musical group «Civil defense» Yegor Letov.

Sazhnev – senior researcher of Institute of biology of inner waters named after I. D. Papanina of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is located in the village of Borok, Yaroslavl region, has a degree of candidate of biological Sciences.

«There was a beetle in the old collection that fell into my hands from a deceased colleague who, like me, was engaged in the family Heteroceridae, or polosami. In the collection were separate charges from the European part of Russia and from abroad. I began to process charges, pick up literature, consult with colleagues, and we decided that discovered a new species of beetle» — said the scientist. A new kind he called Augyles letovi, which can be translated as «pilous Letov,» said Sazhnev.

«This year was 10 years since the death of Egor Letov. As a creative person he once was an influence on me. With the story about the airport is in no way associated, description (new edition) was to the history of the competition (the title of the Omsk airport – ed.), it just happened,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Sazhneva article with a descriptive diagnosis and etymology Augyles letovi was published in a scientific journal. According to him, according to the international Zoological code of nomenclature, this is enough the new species has been recognized.

«Family Heteroceridae do only about three or four people, so the group is quite unknown. Plus the beetle itself from Vietnam, from South-East Asia, and this is a rather complex region where too little is known. Therefore, the opening of my not to say unique, no big deal,» said Sazhnev.

Earlier, residents of Omsk proposed to assign the local airport the name of his countryman, the founder and leader of the group «Civil defense» Yegor Letov, who died in 2008. Social activists in the region launched an active campaign in his support. However, the results of sociological researches VTSIOM to the final three names for Omsk airport name of Egor Letov has not got.