«Abilympics» breaks down stereotypes about people with disabilities, he said

© Fotolia / Magdal3naИнвалидная stroller. Archival photo«Abilympics» breaks down stereotypes about people with disabilities, he said© Fotolia / Magdal3na

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telegram welcoming participants and guests of the IV national championship of professional skills among persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities «, Abilympics» noted that people who are going to the forum, break many of the stereotypes, according to the Kremlin website.

«This wonderful forum once again brings together the talented, strong-willed, hard-working people, who distinguished themselves in studies, art, profession. You are not only going to win, but also break many of the stereotypes, prove that people who find themselves in difficult situations, able to overcome any circumstances and achieve success, and thus serve as an example for millions of our compatriots,» he said.

The President stressed that the development of an accessible environment, creating conditions for rehabilitation and self-realization of citizens with disabilities, to acquire new knowledge and competences, finding decent and interesting work is a joint task of all levels of government, public associations, volunteers and volunteers.

Putin also noted the initiative and active citizenship the organizers of the championship «, Abilympics» and thanked him for that this project is an open platform «Russia – country of opportunities» took place, has won recognition and popularity.

«I wish all the contestants good luck and inspiration, guests and supporters – good impressions and all the best», — said the head of state.