In the Church warn against the spread of the practice «Occitan» possessed

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in fotosensibile at the Sretensky monasteryIn the Church warn against the spread of the practice «Occitan» possessed© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

In the Russian Orthodox Church, warned against the widespread practice of «Occitan» special «rite of exorcism», noting that the main on the path of spiritual improvement of man is always a participation in the sacraments and «inner spiritual efforts.»

«One of the difficulties faced by the clergy is the necessity of distinguishing manifestations of esoterist from symptoms of mental illness. <…> Of the Church seem to be equally unjustified as the reduction of all mental diseases to manifestations of obsession (which entails unjustified committal the rite of exorcism), and attempt to treatment any spiritual disorders solely clinical methods», — said at the international conference «the Care of the Church of the insane» in Moscow, moderator Metropolitan of Voronezh and Liski Sergiy.

He acknowledged that «people are often not sufficiently rooted in the tradition of the Church and don’t have the skill of a holistic perception of the spiritual life, eager to participate in chenopodiacea of besoigne, which neither they nor those who commit them, not have a proper understanding».

«The opportunity to obtain a nice relief from beaterios in response to inner spiritual effort of man to reunite with God, should not become a ritual, participating in which, you can automatically receive deliverance from suffering,» — said the Hierarch in the report, the text of which is available to RIA Novosti.

In the words of Metropolitan Sergius, those who propose «simple solutions» do not forget the event described in the New Testament. In the book «the acts of the apostles» tells of how the evil spirit said certain casters: «Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?» (Acts. 19:15), after which the possessed jumped on them and «beating them, took over them such strength that they, naked and bruised, ran from the house».

«Only the priesthood, prepared the spiritual experience and sanctity throughout his life to meet with the demons, can take part in healing from obsession,» warned Metropolitan Sergius.

In his opinion, esoterist is «allowed by God test, which often helps to reveal to man the existence of a spiritual reality». «Obsessed and mentally ill, they remain our brothers and sisters, which you should not reject or despise», he added.

In connection with this topic, the Rapporteur must also say that «the gravest consequence of mental disorders is suicide people that by their baptism belong to the Church».

«Suicidal behaviour very often indicates the close relationship of mental illness and the influence of demons on the human soul. Long internal dialogues prior to the suicide, is not merely a manifestation of the disease. The development of the pastoral care of persons with suicidal intent is one of the challenges of the Church in modern society», — said the Hierarch.

In General, he noted that in the modern world the number of mentally ill people is not decreasing, but increasing; the source of mental illness is the fact that «society and the family lose the connection with God and the Church.»

«The centuries-old experience of the Church testifies to the fact that mentally ill people through the Church and participation in Church sacraments gain an improvement in their condition, overcome social exclusion and get full support on the path of spiritual growth,» — said Metropolitan Sergius.