Muscovites will be able to vaccinate their Pets against rabies

© RIA Novosti / Boris to Babanovac in fotobank veterinary hospital. Archival photoMuscovites will be able to vaccinate their Pets against rabies© RIA Novosti / Boris to Babanovac the image Bank

Pet owners will be able to attend lectures free of charge and veterinarians to vaccinate their Pets against rabies within the capital campaign «the Right care, healthy pet» from 23 November to 2 December, according to the website of the Moscow mayor on Wednesday.

Educational campaign timed to coincide with world pet day, celebrated on 30 November. To attend events and get expert advice from veterinary experts can be anyone.

«For the first time in Moscow will host the city’s veterinary Committee «the Right care, healthy pet». Make pet free flu shot and meet with the veterinarians will be from 23 November to 2 December,» — said in the message.

Clarifies that veterinarians of the state veterinary service of Moscow to hold more than 50 additional mobile and fixed vaccination points in walking distance.

In addition, during the campaign, citizens will be able to attend more than 30 free lectures on the content of Pets in the city. Veterinarians will hold them in educational institutions, contact zoos, dog training centers and animal exhibitions. Open classes are also planned at eight parks, including Sokolniki, Fili, Perovsky Park, Park «Krasnaya Presnya» and «Severnoe Tushino».

«This promotion is organised for the first time, but veterinary-educational work with the Muscovites held on a regular basis. With the beginning of the year, the city had conducted more than 150 lectures, which were attended by over five thousand Muscovites, including about 1.5 thousand school pupils and students», — quotes the words of the Chairman of the veterinary Committee of Moscow Alexey Sautkina.

World pet day was declared in 1931 at the International Congress of supporters of the movement to protect nature, held in Italy.