«One was strangled, another was hit in the groin». Student beaten up during a lesson

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«One jumped from behind and began to choke, the second hit in the groin, the third was grabbed by the genitals and began to twist them», — the mother of a ninth-grader from Odintsovo describes the violence, which exposed her son’s classmates during a lesson. Their actions teenagers explain the «game». The school and police, says the mother of the victim, the incident wanted to hush up. On forensic examination the student was sent only two weeks, when the injuries are already resolved. In turn, the school and the police claim that they acted according to instructions.

RIA Novosti has tried to understand the situation.

«Your son barely breathing»

The incident took place on 2 November in the school № 17 of the city of Odintsovo. From the ninth «B» was a geometry lesson. The bell rang, the children, as expected, stood up to greet the teacher. «Before the son heard three boys were whispering behind him — describes the beginning of the conflict the mother of the victim, Ramil Elena (her real name as well as the son she asked not to specify). — When they all stood up, one of those three pounced on Ramil, grabbed him by the back of his neck began to choke. To his friends he shouted to hit him in the groin. They did just that. Then one of the guys crawled under the Desk, grabbed the son by the genitals and began to twist them».

The massacre was held in front of the teacher. She tried to calm the unruly teenagers stock phrases. If she tried to separate the assailants, he does not remember because of the pain he began to lose consciousness.

Choking teenager was taken to the nurse’s office. The nurse immediately called Elena reported that her son «gray-green, barely breathing.» «She asked whether to call an ambulance or should I wait?— broadcast dialogue Elena. — I did not even understand the question. What do you mean, can you wait? Said that doctors were called immediately, and ran out of the house».

«Salaam. You need to meet and talk. No fights and everything else,» said one of the attackers.

«What?» — asks Ramil.

«On the claim [more unprintable expression]. And your mom need to talk.»

The boy replied that neither he nor his parents to talk on this subject will not be, but a classmate continues to press: «you Will be. As pretty you che… You piss?»

«Che, back throw?— he throws slang expressions. — The second time you have complained. Once with you in the bathroom talking. You che, complain?»

Elena it seems that the correspondence is rather aggressive. But the police did not consider. The mother of a teenager generally suggests that they wanted to hush up. «At least the direction of the removal of a beating we were not given within ten days. Said that in the medical examiner’s office a huge queue, that will have to wait a long time. And only after I contacted the office of the Commissioner for children’s rights in Moscow region, I was contacted by the inspector of the juvenile Department and gave direction to the lab.»

When two weeks after the incident, the specialist examined the boy, any injuries he has not found. «I’m the doctor and said: what do you want, during this time, all the bruising has resolved, the outraged mother of Ramil. — I think that’s what was the calculation to get passed as much time as possible and all the beatings came. No trace, no case».

The police assumption about the delay categorically deny. In a press-service GU MVD of Russia Moscow region, RIA Novosti assured that on this fact being tested, which can last up to 30 days. «At the present time to establish the severity of the harm caused to the health of the teenager we are awaiting the results of forensic medical examination».

«It was just a game»

Strangely, at the sight of Elena behaved and the school staff. Ten days that have passed since the incident, no it never did and it is not proposed to discuss the incident.

«Only on 2 November, the day when all happened while we waited for the ambulance, right in the medical office we went to the Deputy Director for security. He said «the boys are waiting and ready right now to apologize to me and my son.» But in that moment we were not before, we had to go to hospital», — says Elena.

The same day she got in touch with the class teacher Ramil to find out what day you can retake OGE: «About the attack on the son she mentioned only in passing. Said on Thursday (i.e. six days after the incident. — Approx. ed.) in school setting up a Committee to investigate the incident. Since it was not calls».

Not contacted the family and the parents of the aggressors guys. The Teens claim that it was just a game. But, according to Elena, this trio lifts many people in the school. «In General, the school has developed an extremely unhealthy situation,» says the woman.

«Hazing» has complained and other parents. For example, Mary, the mother of a second grader, told the news Agency that seniors often push the kids, «I Can say the phrase from the «you’re dead».

«Transferred to another class»

In Management of education of administration of Odintsovo district after a request RIA Novosti on items addressed the incident and subsequent actions of the leadership of the school. «The conflict occurred instantly, in a fraction of second. The victim screamed, the teacher immediately called the Manager on duty and the classroom teacher. Child conducted at a medical office», — stated in the explanatory Memorandum.

On the same day in the school, a Commission was established to conduct an official investigation. With all the participants of the incident had a conversation with the school staff. The sixth of November of the adolescents interviewed already by the inspector of Department on Affairs of minors (ONE), two days later a representative ONE, together with the social worker had in the class preventive conversation.

All participants in the attack were set on school records. As for the teenager, who he had struck the blow in groin, it is the decision of the Commission was transferred to another class. The teacher according to the results of the official investigation was reprimanded for improper execution of official duties.

It seems to be logical. But the reaction from the school, says the mother of the injured boy, followed only after a call to RIA Novosti in an educational institution. The Department of education claim that it is not so:«One was strangled, another was hit in the groin». Student beaten up during a lesson© Depositphotos / ArturVerkhovetskiy»Explained the PAL». Why school students beaten for the wrong clothes

«The class teacher was on the phone with the mother of the injured child, the results of a conversation she reported to the administration. On the sixth of November, the teacher invited parents to school to report the results of teachers work, as well as to discuss possible options for further training of the victim and creating a comfortable the atmosphere. The parents refused to meet, explaining that they are doing with other children (Helen — mother of many children, in addition to Ramil, she had three more children. — Approx. ed.)».

Mother of the victim, in turn, argues that with the class teacher she spoke only once, the day of the incident. «More calls were not. I even specifically asked for a printout of the incoming cell. Her calls have been reported.»

Monday, November 19, after two and a half weeks after the incident, all parties to the conflict finally sat down at the negotiating table. The school has assembled a Commission, which, except for Helena, the parents of delinquent adolescents, the school administration, was also attended by the head of the Department of education Odintsovo district, representative ONE. Themselves the offenders did not attend the meeting, but they waited in the next room.«One was strangled, another was hit in the groin». Student beaten up during a lesson© Photo : group in VK «Overheard Cover Eyes do not open». Students Cover beat seventh graders

«Parents of children brought Elena Ramil and apology. The dad of one of the boys said that the intent his son was not that he just went too far during the game. The fact that before any conflicts or animosity between the children was not confirmed by the Deputy Director of security», — told RIA Novosti President of the community of parents, Odintsovo district, Marianne Kristalinskaya, was also present at the meeting.

She added that the situation took under personal control the head of the Department of education of the district. «In relation to the school administration, the classroom teacher, the teacher is likely to be subject to administrative penalties can only assume children put on the account. Now the behavior of Teens started a brawl actively monitors social worker. In my opinion, has responded adequately. Only wish that this reaction came before, and not after two and a half weeks after the conflict», — said Kristalinskaya.

With regard to complaints from other parents on the discipline in the school, in the community of parents has not been received.