Stale goods. «Turkish stream» devalued the pipelines in Ukraine

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in potamanthidae enterprise in UkraineStale goods. «Turkish stream» devalued the pipelines in Ukraine© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

After «Gazprom» has completed the construction of the offshore section of the pipeline «Turkish stream», the Ukrainian officials sharply stepped up the search for an investor that can save the transportation system of the country from total collapse. This investor should be rich and not greedy to pay the amount designated by the Kiev authorities, at its discretion, and to be able to work miracles, to force Russia to abandon the laying of gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine. Who expects Kiev and what of its GTS in the material RIA Novosti.

Mode «panic»

«After the launch of the gas pipeline «Turkish stream» gas transit through Ukraine will be reduced to 12-13 billion cubic meters per year» — said Monday the head of the Council on the issues of gas industry and natural gas market, Leonid Unihovskiy.

Estimates of «Naftogaz», in 2017, the volume of transit of Russian gas through Ukraine reached 93.5 billion cubic meters, a record in eight years.

«Now, Ukraine needs to direct efforts to prevent the construction of the second leg of the «Turkish stream.» Because this will further reduce the volumes of gas supplies to Europe», — noted the official.

Nervousness Kiev is clear: the marine part of the «Turkish stream» with a length of over 900 km from the compressor station «Russian» in the area of Anapa to the Turkish settlement Kyukei fully ready.

The first line is intended to supply fuel to Turkey, which currently receives 16 billion cubic meters per year via the Blue stream and almost at the TRANS-Balkan pipeline through Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria.

Upon completion of the receiving terminal in Kyukei Istanbul in the summer will be able to abandon the TRANS-Balkan route: all the necessary gas will be supplied directly from Russia. Although officially enter the «Turkish stream» is scheduled for the end of 2019.

How much was it?

The second string of the gas pipeline will send natural gas to the southern European countries, reducing the transit via Ukraine at 15.5 billion cubic meters per year.

It frankly scares Kiev: there is now frantically looking for the «big brother» capable of stopping the construction of gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine.

«Without European partners Ukraine will be hard to force «Gazprom» to keep large volumes of gas through our gas transport system» — declared Leonid Unihovskyi, adding that «in Europe, do not trust, when the gas transportation system runs only the Ukrainian operator».

Western partner in Kiev speak for a long time, but the specific outlines of this project has found only now. In early September, the acting head of the Board of «Naftogaz of Ukraine» Sergey Conover sent to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman letter about the need to sell a 49 percent stake in the gas transportation system over seven billion dollars.

Naftogaz estimates gas transportation system of Ukraine at 14 billion dollars, — stated in the letter. — If the international partner will pay, respectively, seven billion dollars for a 49 percent stake in the operator of the GTS, such investment can be viewed as a guarantee of income from the transit at the current level.»

It is confirmed on Monday the head of «Naftogaz» Andrey Kobelev at the III Ukrainian oil and gas investment forum.

We will remind, in April the international audit company Ernst & Young estimated gas transportation system of Ukraine at 11.9 billion dollars. But then the construction of «Nord stream — 2» was still in question, and the pipelines since advanced rusted and dilapidated.

However, «Naftogaz» has considered that the audit rating low and added a couple of billion from itself.

Come on, don’t be stingy

The case for small — to find a buyer.

According to Unigovskaya, the potential partners look Italian and Slovak companies.

«Now Italy gets 23 billion via our gas transport system, — said the head of the Council on the gas industry. — If our partner will be Italian operator Snam, which, together with the Slovak UStream will insist through us pumped 23 billion cubic meters of gas to Italy, is the second line of the «Turkish stream» will be problematic».

However, Unigovskiy forgot to mention that during the visit to Moscow of the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the end of October, agreement was reached on the extension of the second leg of the «Turkish stream» to the Apennine Peninsula.

«This could be through Bulgaria, this can even be through Serbia, Hungary, it can be through Greece,» — said Vladimir Putin at a joint press conference following the meeting with the Conte.

In General, spend the money to buy the Ukrainian GTS rim is unlikely to wish, especially as a record deficit of the Italian budget has already caused serious conflict between the government Conte with the European Union.

Hopes Kiev politicians inspire US.

«Ukraine needs to attract energy companies of the United States of America for the joint management of the gas transportation system,» — said in early October the head of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy.

In his opinion, it will make the position of Washington against the «Turkish stream» and «Nord stream — 2» «more strict». The reason in this. Suffice it to recall the Frank statement of the Minister of energy Rick Perry that «the U.S. fight against the «Turkish stream» and «Nord stream — 2».

But one thing — «to fight», the other — to pay billions of dollars for participating in the dubious project. Such expenses will pay off only if a large volume of transit of Russian gas.

It is a vicious circle: Kiev need an investor that is able to guarantee the transit of Russian gas, as a potential investor needs a guarantee of transit.

«Given all the risks, «Nord stream», «Turkish stream», we have not yet seen any real desire of foreign companies to buy a stake in the Ukrainian GTS», — declared the head of «Naftogaz» KOBOLEV said on Monday.

The specter of hope

The chances of the emergence of the knight in shining armor, which will pay for half of the Ukrainian GTS seven billion dollars, and then convince Russia to keep gas transit in full volume, close to zero. And continue to melt as soon as the progress of the construction of «Turkish stream» and «Nord stream — 2», and the Ukrainian gas transportation system has fallen into disrepair.

According to experts, the main power Ukraine will not retain any scenario. The most that could count Kiev, partly to save GTS, reorienting on domestic consumption and closing of the transit destinations.

An additional source of income — the use of gas storage foreign companies. Ukraine is now actively engaged in the business, attracting European customers to the dumping rates.

Finally, there is a chance that after the spring presidential elections in Kiev will be more adequate people, ready to negotiate with Moscow — including the preservation of the volume of transit, necessary to maintain the health of the GTS. This will allow to avoid a collapse of the transmission system and therefore the entire Ukrainian economy.