The decision about the treatment at home making dolls of the dead girls will be in December

© Photo : Julia Mandantory Moskvin. Archive photoThe decision about the treatment at home making dolls of the dead girls will be in December© Photo : Julia Lando

Leninsky district court of Nizhny Novgorod has postponed a decision on the possibility of transfer to outpatient treatment of Anatoly Moskvin, who was accused of desecration of dead bodies of children, December 20, reported RIA Novosti senior assistant Prosecutor of Leninsky district of Larisa Romanova.

Leninskiy district court of Nizhniy Novgorod on September 27 had appointed it is judicial-psychiatric examination under the involuntary treatment in a psychiatric hospital slowly to understand whether it can be transferred to outpatient treatment. A petition was made by the doctors, according to which the subject is in a state of stable remission drug. Prosecutors, in turn, demanded an examination in order to understand if he’s dangerous to society. The meeting, scheduled for 25 October, the appraisal was not prepared in connection with the heavy workload on the work of psychiatrists, the meeting was moved to November.

«At the trial of the twenty-first of November, it was announced that the examination of the mental state of a horse will be ready only in 30 days. It will have to submit at the next hearing, which will take place on December 20. On its basis the court can make a decision about converting Moskvina for outpatient treatment,» — said Romanov.

She added that the horse in the environment in court, not here.

Earlier it was reported that for a long time on the territory of Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow areas of Nizhni Novgorod have unearthed the grave of young girls from 3 to 12 years, has removed bodies from the graves and made mummies of them. For this he used a special composition of salt and baking soda, in which was placed the bodies of the dead dug up, hidden them in the recesses near the cemeteries.

During the investigation, the newspaper has actively cooperated with investigators and explained that manufactured the mummy due to the fact that he wanted to have a daughter. Mummy, he said, replaced it, and he considered them his children, talked to them and even arranged for the holidays.

Examination found the Nizhny Novgorod insane. He discovered a mental disorder, the disease deprives Moskvin’s ability to realize the actual nature and social danger of his actions and control them.