The experts commented on the possible increase of prices in driving schools

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobanka the practical classes at the driving school. Archival photoThe experts commented on the possible increase of prices in driving schools© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Training in driving schools may rise next year, and the reason for this really is the increase in petrol prices and the VAT increase, but this is unlikely to deter potential drivers, according to experts interviewed by RIA Novosti.

Previously «Izvestia» with reference to the market participants and experts said that from 2019 on prices for training in driving schools will be increased by 10%. According to the publication, due to an increase in gasoline prices and tariffs for housing and communal services.

«I think no doubt it will happen. And I think that 80 percent is justified because the major cost of driving school is it training the practical driving test. Here the cost of gasoline, of course, plays a role, so 10% — a figure not very large. I think this is unlikely to deter potential candidates for the drivers,» said RIA Novosti the head of Federation of automobile owners of Russia (HEADLIGHTS) Sergey Kanaev.

Coordinator Society «Blue buckets» (OSV) Peter Shkumatov considers that the prices can grow, but not at 10%, in addition, in the opinion of the expert driving school can never raise prices or even reduce them, due to the increased competition in the market.

«Actually, if you look, the prices have to grow up just for one simple reason – the growth of VAT by 2%… That is, of course, potential for growth, so to say, there is, but 10 is something… you Know, sometimes confused with the actual desired. And here, of course, need to share, I think, for 10. But in reality, most likely, prices will grow due to increased competition among driving schools. The fact that the number of students reduced and the school forced to fight for everyone who wants to learn to drive. And here, again, there is the potential for even lower prices,» — said Shkumatov.

Head LIGHTS also notes that every year the number of people enrolled in driving schools is declining, and, according to experts, despite the fact that we can not expect a very serious rise in price of services of driving schools, «the price hike plays a role».