The Gulen movement will continue its mission in the United States

© AP Photo / Selahattin gülen SeviФетхуллах. Archival photoThe Gulen movement will continue its mission in the United States© AP Photo / Selahattin Sevi

At the core of the opposition movement of the Turkish Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen’s Hizmet «Alliance of shared values» (ASV) will continue its mission in the United States, despite requests from the Turkish government for the extradition of the preacher, told RIA Novosti Executive Director ASV Alps, Aslandogan.

On the possible expulsion of Gulen earlier, citing high-ranking sources in Washington told NBC. According to the channel, this step being prepared to reduce the requirements of Turkey in the murder case of the Saudi journalist Jamal Casucci. Later, the state Department denied that the White house involved in discussions about the expulsion of the U.S. Gulen.

«Alliance of shared values» continues its mission to promote the values of «Hizmet» in the United States without any threats and restrictions,» — said Aslandogan.

Ankara demands from 83 countries issuing 452 persons involved in activity of FETO. The Turkish authorities accuse FETO of involvement in the coup attempt in July 2016. Gülen himself in the United States, condemned the coup and rejected the accusations. Turkey has been seeking his extradition from the United States.