The MEP believes that the President of Latvia will not go to the dissolution of the Sejm

© AFP 2018 / Ilmars ZnotinsПрезидент of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis. Archival photoThe MEP believes that the President of Latvia will not go to the dissolution of the Sejm© 2018 AFP / Ilmars Znotins

Member of the European Parliament (EP) from Latvia Miroslav Mitrofanov believes that the President Raimonds Vejonis will not go the last step and will not dissolve the Parliament because of the crisis in the government formation process.

Vejonis on Tuesday met with representatives of all held in the Latvian Saeima parties and gave them time to November 26, so they were able to agree on the formation of the Cabinet. Elections to the Seimas took place on October 6, but the party during this time was unable even to approach the creation of the future government.

«The longer you are unable to agree among themselves who won the election on 6 October, the Latvian party, the more they irritate voters. It should be understood that image loss «new parties» — KPV LV New conservative party and the «Movement «For!» more than the loss of «old» — the Union green and peasants and the National Association. For the «new force» vote by those who configured more romantic and believed in change. For the old — voted more loyal voters willing to forgive a well-known flaws of their favorites. This difference means that the position of «new parties» in the negotiations will gradually weaken», — Mitrofanov told RIA Novosti.

«The President Vejonis has already made it clear that he was against new elections, which are inevitable in case of dissolution of the Sejm. Everything goes to the fact that after a series of diplomatic failures, «the new party» will eventually agree if only one as Prime Minister, say, the candidate of the «old parties», just to keep their hard-won positions on the edge of the seat of the national elite, proving that they are able to work in the government,» — said the MEP.

He also believes that «the new party» will refuse to fight for the Premiership.

«On the possibility of their surrender in the fight for the Premiership is indicated by the fact that several prominent politicians of the «new parties» have already agreed to minor positions in the parliamentary commissions, eliminated from negotiations on Ministerial posts. And this at a time when the Executive power in Latvia dominates in the political system, leaving the Sejm rudimentary powers,» — said Mitrofanov.

Previously, a number of politicians and the media have expressed the view that if parties do not manage to form a government, the President can start the procedure of dissolution of Parliament. In this case, it will be announced early elections to the Seimas.

Earlier, the President entrusted the formation of a government to the candidate of the New conservative party Janis Bordans, but after negotiations there were three parties, Bordans said that the government formation is not possible. Now the President will nominate as Prime Minister a new candidate.