The U.S. trade representative: China has not changed its «unfair practice» in trade

© AFP 2018 / Wang ZhaoФлаги USA and China. Archival photoThe U.S. trade representative: China has not changed its «unfair practice» in trade© 2018 AFP / Wang Zhao

China continues its «unfair practice» in trade with the United States in 2018, the report said US trade representative Robert Lighthizer.

«This report shows that China fundamentally has not changed its unfair, unreasonable and distorting the market practice that was the subject of a March report in 2018 about our investigation under article 301 (of the U.S. law on trade from 1974 — ed.)», — stated in the document published on the website of sales representative.

«As shown by the data collected in this report, China fundamentally has not changed their actions, policies and practices related to technology transfer, intellectual property and innovation, and, apparently, made the further unfounded actions in recent months. Office of the U.S. trade representative intends to continue to monitor any new developments and actions in this area», — stated in the document.

The US and China in 2018, imposed reciprocal duties against the products of billions of dollars. The US President Donald trump on Friday did not rule out the possibility that Washington could avoid further imposition of duties on Chinese imports. According to him, the United States imposed tariffs on goods with a volume of 250 billion dollars and can enter another 267 billion dollars. The President expressed confidence that Beijing «wants to reach an agreement» on trade.