Turchak proposed to define diseases that can be treated remotely

© Fotolia / PhotoSGСтетоскоп on the keyboard. Archival photoTurchak proposed to define diseases that can be treated remotely© Fotolia / PhotoSG

The head of the Council for the development of the digital economy under the Council of Federation, Deputy Chairman of the upper chamber of Parliament Andrey Turchak invited together with the Ministry of health and experts to compile a list of diseases that can be treated remotely using telemedicine technology, the development of this area will increase the availability of medical care in remote areas, reports the press service of «United Russia».

It is noted that the corresponding statement he made during a meeting with technology entrepreneurs at the site of the Foundation for Internet development initiatives (FRIA), where he discussed with them the barriers to the development of new business models and technologies, and promised to help with their elimination. One of the promising directions, which should be actively developed, according to entrepreneurs, is telemedicine.

«Let’s start together with the Ministry of health and experts define the list of such diseases where exactly telemedicine is applicable in full measure – not to make mistakes» – quoted the press service of the EP Turchak.

He emphasized that this list should be supported by the medical community, and said he was ready to discuss with the Ministry of health further improvement of the legislation, since the development of telemedicine will significantly increase the accessibility to medical services in remote areas, informs a press-service.

In January of 2018 entered into force a law allowing the remote delivery of medical care. But in fact, according to the entrepreneurs, the amendments turned out to be a half measure. Currently to make the diagnosis and prescribe treatment, the doctor still has no right, although in many cases, after receiving the patient’s test results, he can accurately assess the condition and give recommendations – exactly the same as in my office, informs a press-service.