«Black Friday» in the United States: a brawl at the entrance to the shopping center thing of the past

© AFP 2018 / Mark RalstonПокупатели in the queue during a sale on Black Friday in the United States. Archival photo«Black Friday» in the United States: a brawl at the entrance to the shopping center thing of the past© 2018 AFP / Mark Ralston

«Black Friday» which this year falls on November 23 and in the US gives the official start of the Christmas sales, opens a season of high consumer activity that provides up to 30% of annual income sellers. RIA Novosti has analyzed the «black Friday» becomes «black November» and becoming more virtual.

Higher income, more spending

According to the published National Association of retailers of the United States (NRF) predicts that in this season the wallets of the people of the United States is better on average, nearly 638 billion $ 215 billion will be spent on food, flowers and decorations, 154 billion on non-holidays purchase. It is noteworthy that in the past year to ensure sales stores hired about half a million temporary employees.

According to forecasts from the NRF, on average, in the coming holiday season Americans will spend $ 1007, which is 4.1% more than the year before. «For the first time would exceed the sum of one thousand dollars. Consumers are confident: unemployment is at its lowest ever level, rising wages, and people are willing to spend a little bit more», — quotes the edition of the National Estate Investor Association representative Katherine Cullen. How forecasts are correct, will be known next week: on Tuesday, the NRF plans to publish data on the outcome five days popular shopping.

As the founder of the analytical company of new York Pro4ma Inc. Liz Dunn, forecasts high sales primarily based on a healthy economy. «Consumers have a job. They are paid more than the year before, and they are optimistic about the economy», — quotes the expert of the National Estate Investor. In her estimation, the upcoming sales season will be «cheerful» and «better than before».

Days of sales be the busiest time for not only buyers but also sellers. In addition to the competent distribution of labour and calculation that discounts did not bring losses, increased consumer spending in days of sales, experts warn analysis company ID Analytics, is accompanied by the risk of credit fraud. Analysts say that in the sales on the occasion of «black Friday» is traditionally an increasing number of customer requests for opening of the loan, among which the potential to be scammers.

«Black November»

Traditionally, after the «black Friday» comes «cyber Monday» — huge discounts start online stores, but now these two concepts are mixed and shifted in time. Experts agree that on the background of the sellers racing to the user it is time to talk about «black November»: the site States BlackFriday.com that tracks the dynamics of sales during the Christmas discounts, online stores are starting to mark their goods marked «sale» about a week before «black Friday». The next phase of sales — pre-Christmas week, it peak on green Monday (December 10).

According to the NRF forecasts in the November sale, on the occasion of thanksgiving this year will be attended by about 164 million Americans. Of these, 23% (34 million people) intend to shop on thanksgiving, while 71% (116 million people) will go shopping or sit behind the monitor online retailers in the «black Friday». Of the total number of respondents 41% (67 million) plan to shop on Saturday received among experts the name «small business Saturday», only 20% (32 million) will go shopping on Sunday, and 46% (75 million) plan to shop in the «cyber Monday».

Experts of the Internet portal BlackFriday.com indicate that as soon as shops could not cope with the influx of customers per day X sales are not only stretched in time, but largely moved online and is often on the websites of discount stores available even earlier, and the saved amount is more. So, retail giant Walmart is offering discounts up to 75% on most popular toys. Main discount products, which will hunt Americans, these days will be appliances, clothing and toys.

Infinite reality

According to a study conducted by the Morning Consult pools, different groups of the population in 2018 will prefer different days of sales. The younger the buyer, the more often he prefers Internet sales grocery shopping. While women are still more attached to the real shopping, but men make the choice in favor of shopping online.

However, analysts say, and these boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred: the buyer prefers the convenience of prices and «stores of glass and concrete» know about it. «The question is no longer in the division of online shopping and a trip to the store. People make purchases all weekend anywhere,» commented Cullen. «All the big retailers understand this and become players in online Commerce, while also retaining the ability to meet the buyer in a real store», — said the employee of the American mission at Deloitte Rod Sides. Analysts agree that the winners are retailers who have managed to combine both realities so that the consumer does not think about how it makes purchases, online or in a traditional store. According to experts, more than 60% of purchases in the «black Friday» will be done online.

Resource BlackFriday.com this year pre-pays palm at the upcoming Internet sales company Amazon. Leading economist of the Washington analytical Agency Smith’s Research & Gradings Scott MacDonald in conversation with RIA Novosti noted that although this company is one of the main beneficiaries of the November sales of traditional retailers also will not remain on the sidelines. However, Walmart, Costco, Walgreens and others gradually adapt to the new reality in the field of Internet sales, which helps these networks to stay afloat and keep a competitive environment, the expert believes.

In any case, 39% of respondents pools Morning Consult said that «black Friday» for them is not so much the shopping, but rather entertainment.

«Regardless of whether the buyer stores after eating Turkey or in the vast online on Monday, he will participate in sales all these long weekends, and retailers are ready to meet the demand «, — assured the President of NRF, Matthew Shay (his words are in the release). «Retail is a dynamic, fast-growing and competitive industry, but one thing is for sure: the consumer — the one who wins, no matter what day or in what way he makes purchases», — he concluded.