DJ Smash requires beat his ex-Deputy of the recovery of moral damages

© RIA НовостиDJ Smash (Andrei Shirman) in Leninsk district court of Perm. Archival photoDJ Smash requires beat his ex-Deputy of the recovery of moral damages© RIA Novosti

DJ Smash has submitted the claim about collecting of indemnification of moral harm from the former Deputy of legislative Assembly of Perm Krai Alexander telepneva and his friend Sergey Vankevich convicted in his beating, told RIA Novosti in Sverdlovsk district court of Perm.

On Thursday in the Sverdlovsk regional court held a preliminary hearing on the claim, which injured in the fight DJ Smash (Andrey Shirman) filed against those who attacked him telepneva and Vankevich.

«The suit is filed for recovery of compensation for moral damage in connection with the Commission of crimes, previously considered in court», — told the Agency in a judicial office.

Lawyer Alexander Chepkasov, who has previously defended telepneva in the case of beating of DJ Smash, told RIA Novosti that the amount of moral damages claimed by the musician in the complaint, exceeds the «more than 10 million rubles».

According to local portal «Business Class» in its lawsuit, Shearman pointed out that these events caused him moral suffering. In addition, it has incurred significant expenses for medical services, transportation from Sheremetyevo airport to the clinic, as well as lost income due to the inability to participate in the scheduled concerts.

Telepnev with his friend Vankelecom was found guilty of offences under article 112, part 2, paragraph «d» «d» of the criminal code («Intentional infliction of injury of average gravity, committed by group of persons from hooligan promptings»), and sentenced to two years of imprisonment in a penal colony for beating DJ Smash. The conflict occurred in the Perm night club in February. At the time of failure to make re a selfie with Vankelecom DJ Smash shrugged him off, and then they both fell on the floor. Came to the rescue to them Telepnev struck Shirman two punch from which the DJ fell again, and then the assailant was supported by Vankevich. During the fight, the musician suffered a broken jaw, closed cherepno-a brain trauma and concussion. At the restoration it took him three weeks.

In September, the convicts tried to appeal the sentence in the Perm regional court, but the appellate court left it without changes. Some time after this, the political Council of the local branch of the party «United Russia» in Sverdlovsk area of Perm has decided to exclude telepneva from the party.

A month later Telepneva increased the term of imprisonment in a colony-settlement for two months, finding him guilty not only in the attack on DJ Smash, but in the beating of 20-year-old student in the same nightclub in January. Telepnev remains at liberty until the trial, and Vankevich has already begun serving the sentence.