Fuel Union said about the risk of closure of independent gas stations

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Independent filling stations in Russia required margin on petrol at least three rubles per liter, otherwise they will operate at a loss and risk to close, said the head of the Independent analytical center fuel Union Grigory Bazhenov.

According to him, independent filling stations will not affect the cost of fuel, and «dancing» from the already established price. He noted that the independent sector would suit for the price of 30 rubles per liter.
«Just give normal margins, which is more than three rubles per liter, which will allow you to earn money, and send funds for reinvestment, to cover the costs of depreciation and, of course, to invest in development,» said Bazhenov.

The agreement reached between the government and oil companies at the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, means the loss-making independent gas station for five months, said Bazhenov. In his opinion, this arrangement will not allow companies to operate in «normal» conditions and may lead to the closure of many stations.

«Given the average across Russia the value set small-indicative, average gross margin up to 31 March 2019 will be 1.7 rubles per liter. While daily implementation is ten thousand litres operating costs of the gas station be about three rubles per liter, and this is the minimum operating costs. We’re not talking about any margin the margin associated with profit, business development. This is the minimum operating costs,» — said the head of the Independent fuel Union.

Deterioration of fuel quality

On Monday, the head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov admitted that the quality of fuel at an independent gas station could deteriorate due to rising prices.

«On the one hand, we share the concern in this part. Indeed, today, with certain fluctuations in prices for light petroleum products is materially restricts the ability of independent gas stations. But those network stations that have direct contracts with manufacturers, such problem should not arise, because they are getting a quality product from a major oil refining companies,» the Minister said.

«With regard to small power plants, these problems have arisen. This decision was made, and it shall apply from 1 January of this year, it’s the fines. On the one hand, we control the chemical composition, on the other hand, the issue of incomplete filling. It also imposes certain obligations on companies — they will pay working fine, and about 0.5 million — 10 times more than previously paid. For the first half grossed 30 million rubles», — said Manturov.

An agreement to stabilize prices

At the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak on 31 October, energy Ministry, Federal Antimonopoly service, the oil companies and independent refineries have agreed on measures to stabilize fuel prices. The government and the oil companies agreed to supply oil products in large and small wholesale at fixed volumes and prices.

Prices in the fuel market until the end of the year will be held at the end of may — beginning of June, and then gradually indexed in the framework of the annual inflation rate of 4-4,6 percent. Monthly production and sale of petroleum products shall be three percent higher than the corresponding month in 2017. The agreement is valid till March 31.

Later, Kozak said that the Federal Antimonopoly service and the Ministry of energy before the end of the year checks the number of independent filling stations in regional markets, and in the case of monopoly with them, too, will sign an agreement on prices.

The amount of additional services the gas station

On Monday «Rosneft» has declared that the number of independent filling stations formed illegally inflated the price of fuel in Primorye, Transbaikalia, the Irkutsk region and other regions, and also sell counterfeit.

«Similar (activities of dealers in the stock exchange — ed.) situation in some regional markets, where the number of «independent» networks forms of illegally inflated prices, as well as to improve profitability using their filling stations for the implementation of counterfeit goods. This situation is typical, especially for regions such as Primorye, TRANS-Baikal, Irkutsk oblast and other», — stated in the message of the company.

To operate on the market with the benefit of independent gas stations must increase the amount of additional services, said earlier the head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin. According to him, today in Russia, this practice is almost never done.

«Worldwide, all independent of the network exist only when refining. All networks associated with processing. Who wants to work independently — can work, but needs to raise and increase the amount of additional services», — said Sechin.

The crisis eliminated

According to Kozak, the situation when at the gas station in Russia, there will be gasoline, are excluded.

«There is no crisis and can not be. Well, no, it can be, if in the world markets of oil falls to $ 12, then you will have a crisis,» — said Deputy Prime Minister in interview to TV channel «Russia 24».
He added that the government is not planning to introduce state regulation of prices for petroleum products.

Today, the market mechanism has somehow taken place, it is not a crisis, it is good for the oil industry, no problem exists.