In Primorye, the young man was sentenced to almost 10 years for the murder of his beloved

© RIA Novosti / Yakov Androider courtroom. Archival photoIn Primorye, the young man was sentenced to almost 10 years for the murder of his beloved© RIA Novosti / Yakov Andreev

The son of a school Director in Primorye convicted almost 10 years in prison for the murder in 2016, his lover – teacher rural schools, the body which was looking for a few months.

The woman was taken 16 Oct 2016. According to the regional SUCK, Russian Federation, 4 days later arrested a suspect in the murder, he was arrested and charged. According to authorities, he confessed to the crime and confirmed his words during on-site verification, saying that strangled a woman to death, the body dropped into the water, and things burned. The motive for the crime, the young man called personal hostility. According to a source in law enforcement, the accused is the son of the headmaster of the local school where the victim worked as a teacher. Ex-husband of the missing woman reported that she and the accused was in a relationship. Dead body found in spring 2017. Against the boys born in 1997 opened a criminal case under article «murder».

The Prosecutor’s office reported that «the defendant decided to kill his lover, who worked as a teacher at the school, after a conflict that had arisen between them on the basis of Finance.» As reported by local media, the cause of the murder could be the money the girl took the young man a sum which he did not want to return. He strangled her with a rope, inflicted blows to the head and to simulate an accident hit a car on the SP, after threw the corpse into the river Razdolnaya, noted the Supervisory authority.

«The investigating bodies SK the Russian Federation across Primorski Krai the evidence considered by the court as sufficient for conviction of 21-year-old resident of Kastrychnitski district… Court sentenced him to 9 years 11 months of imprisonment with punishment serving in a corrective colony of strict regime,» — said RIA Novosti representative of the regional SUCK.