In the Finnish Parliament commented on the report of interference in the work of GPS

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voiceoperated in photosangelina. Archival photoIn the Finnish Parliament commented on the report of interference in the work of GPS© RIA Novosti / Michael Voiceoperated the image Bank

The head of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Finland Matti Vanhanen, was pleased with the report of the Minister for foreign Affairs of Finland Timo Soini to resolve the situation with disruption of GPS satellite navigation systems in the North of the country in early November, told RIA Novosti on Thursday Vanhanen himself.

The foreign Ministry of Finland on 15 November acknowledged that harmful interference to GPS in the North of Finland during the exercises NATO was from Russia. The head of the interior Ministry Kay Mykkanen in an interview with RIA Novosti noted that this case will not have a further impact on the cooperation of Russia and Finland, expressing hope that this negative situation will not become common practice in the region.

On Thursday, the foreign Minister of Finland Timo Soini has presented to deputies the report on this issue.

«I’m happy with voiced information. Traditionally, this problem was solved at the diplomatic level. I think this is enough, makes no sense to bring it to a higher political level. For me quite discussion through diplomatic channels, and if there are possible new data and clarifications from Russia on the same level will be answered,» said the MP.

He also added that it was important to prevent similar incidents in the future.

«It is important that now both countries have taken care to avoid that happening in the future,» added Vanhanen.

According to him, the Finnish side did not intend to disclose details.

«We are not open to the insights that the signal failure was from Russia. We say only that the interference was coming from Russia. The secret is knowing, based on what evidence we’re not telling,» said the MP.

NATO exercise Trident Juncture («Uniform Trident»), which involved about 50 thousand soldiers from 30 countries, including Finland, were held from 25 October to 7 November. The Norwegian Ministry of defense on 13 November issued a statement where he accused Russia of meddling in the work of GPS during the exercise. The foreign Ministry of Finland on 15 November said that trust data of Norway, and the interference in GPS spread from Russia.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov told reporters that «now there is a tendency to blame Russia in all mortal sins and other», but usually «these allegations are baseless».