In the Railways called possible manufacturers of high-speed trains

© Provided by the company «the highway»Concept of high-speed trains for Russia. Archival photoIn the Railways called possible manufacturers of high-speed trains© courtesy of «the highway»

Trains for the Russian high-speed Railways (HSR) will be produced in Russia, and it can do two companies, said the first Deputy Director General of Russian Railways Alexander Misharin.

Now in Russia there is no high-speed rail, but it is planned to implement pilot projects and the creation of a network of such roads. Accordingly, for such high-speed rail will require special trains at high speeds. In Russia, they are now not produced, but plan to release for the Russian VSM. The holding company Russian Railways unveiled on Tuesday a concept of the first Russian train for VSM.

«Everything here (in the presentation — ed.) submitted, will be made in Russia. Today two companies that will produce this train. The first Ural locomotives (JV of Sinara group and Siemens — ed.) together with Siemens, the second new plant that will be built here, in the Central district, together with our Chinese colleagues,» — said Misharin Thursday, speaking at the forum «Transport of Russia».

Misharin said reporters that under the Chinese company meant holding CRRC, which had previously signed Sinara agreement on the establishment of joint enterprises and organizations of construction of the plant on the territory of the Russian Federation. «We are talking about the range of high-speed trains. High-speed trains begin 200 miles per hour… It’s a whole line of trains. Of course, Russia can be two manufacturers in high-speed and high-speed network,» — said Misharin.

The Railways had earlier noted that production trains for HSR is sure to be localized in Russia.

The first HSR project in Russia should become Moscow-Kazan, which costs about 1.7 trillion rubles. Its pilot phase is planned from Moscow to Gorokhovets (Vladimir oblast) is estimated at 621,5 billion. While the HSR Moscow-Kazan should become part of an even more ambitious project — VSM Eurasia between China and Europe via Russia.