Omsk United Russia did not agree with the words of colleagues on large families

© RIA Novosti / Yuri to Bromocrotonate in fotobanka. Archival photoOmsk United Russia did not agree with the words of colleagues on large families© RIA Novosti / Yuri to Abramushkina the image Bank

REGIONALNOE OTDELENIE partii «Edinaya Rossiya» in Omsk region did not agree with resonated with the statement of his colleague, the Deputy of city Council Alexey Provozin, that the money for the land plots to large families have to allocate from the Federal budget.

The local edition of «Superomsk» on Wednesday reported that at a meeting of one of committees of the city Council of Omsk Provozin said about the abnormality of the practice of granting free plots to large at the expense of the municipal budget. «If the will of the sovereign, let the sovereign and pays for so-called large families who in most cases are not. I personally do not want to pay for a large family or for gas or for water for a large family or for electricity. Federal will, let the Federal money will be», — has led to the publication of the words of the policy.

In regotdelenie the EP in this regard, said that he always paid great attention to the social sphere. «United Russia deputies are trying to help parents, working with their appeals to the public reception. Also provided targeted assistance in health and education. With regard to legislative activity, of course, our position is that the budgets of all levels should participate in the support and in solution of problems of large families,» — said in the RIA Novosti news Agency the comment of the press service Department.

Meanwhile, Provozin in the comment to the edition «the New Omsk» stated that he was bewildering attempts to oppose his statement the policy of the President of the Russian Federation. He stressed that he advocated for the «truly large families,» and not those who, for example, bought the land from a large family and requires free arranging communications.