Omsk United Russia will give «party rating» colleague, to speak about the large

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in photobacteria United Russia. Archival photoOmsk United Russia will give «party rating» colleague, to speak about the large© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

The regional branch of the party «United Russia» in the Omsk region in the coming days will give a «party score» to my colleague, the Deputy of the city Council Alexey Provozin after its resonant statements about state support of large families, according to the website of the Department.

Omsk publishing «Superomsk» on Wednesday reported that at a meeting of one of committees of the city Council of Omsk Provozin called abnormal practice of providing free plots to large at the expense of the municipal budget. Later Provozin in the comment to the edition «the New Omsk» explained, stands for the support of «truly large families,» and not those who, for example, bought the land from a large family and requires free arranging communications. On Thursday, the Secretary of the General Council «United Russia» Andrey Turchak has charged to the Secretary of Omsk regional branch of party Yury Tatarnikova to understand the situation.

«Our party in its activity puts the main task is the welfare of the people. This is especially true of large families, pensioners, low-income and unemployed citizens and individuals with disabilities. The speech of the Deputy of the Omsk city Council Alexey Provozin in the coming days the party will be given a rating» — are words in the message Tatarnikova.

The head regotdeleniya stressed that the United Russia in Omsk region has always paid great attention to the social sphere, in particular the issue of large families. Position of party members, he said, is that the support in the solution of problems of large families should be involved in the budgets of all levels.