«Author’s technique». In the Moscow clinic the girl pierced the skull during rhinoplasty

© Fotolia / Syda ProductionsМедицинская operation«Author’s technique». In the Moscow clinic the girl pierced the skull during rhinoplasty© Fotolia / Syda Productions

Twenty-five Carolina Sargsyan went to Moscow private clinic «Sphere» to tweak the nose, but ended up a broken skull. Girl in a coma, she is still in serious condition. First, the management of health facilities claimed the operation was a success, the patient became ill during the therapy. However, investigators still opened a criminal case and they intend to interrogate employees «Spheres». The scandal involved an anesthesiologist relating to the death of three patients at another Moscow clinic — Medlounge.

Was so beautiful

Carolina Sargsyan was dissatisfied with their nose and at the end of November I went for rhinoplasty. The girl’s mother Marina Sarkisian now has no contact with the media for investigative activities; accounts in social networks it also no. In several interviews before the criminal case, the mother explained: my parents were strongly against operations, believed that her daughter and so beautiful. For a year they did not allow Carolina to go under the knife. But the girl still got her mother. Together they found a clinic Gulnara Shah and chose the surgeon.

The operation was successful. The patient performed the usual maintenance therapy, which is appointed by the anesthesiologist. However, something went wrong: the first night, Carolina could not sleep, complained of malaise. Then, according to media reports, the nurse gave her two tablets of phenazepam, some time later — two more. Instead of sleep, the patient began to rave. Marina Sargsyan said that her daughter’s face was covered with bruises, then she was injected with some drugs. What is unknown in medical records did not specify what he did when he provided emergency assistance.

Carolina Mama sure daughter entered too many different drugs, after which she started bleeding, and expert assistance to provide are unable. It ended with that the girl put her on a ventilator. A few days later the patient went into a coma from angioedema.

The position of the clinic is that Caroline started Allergy drugs to support the functions of the pancreas. However, the investigators found that the girl was broken out of the base of the skull, and then had severe bleeding. As it happened, not specified. In the result, Sargsyan was hospitalized to the city hospital. A criminal case on the fact of rendering services that do not meet the requirements of safety of life and health of consumers.
The surgeon or the anesthesiologist

We don’t know exactly how it was that the girl’s skull had been fractured, and who may be to blame. The girl was operated on the surgeon Gevorg Stepanyan, he formalized the clinic.

The doctor maintains a page in social networks: he says that he and the original method guarantee a natural result. He also says that sometimes refuses to the patient if that and everything is fine. Manager surgeon said that until the doctor gives testimony to investigators, so the results of the inspection they do not know anything. «The operation was successful, blame the doctor in this», — said the employee of Stepanyan. She added that relatives have chosen this surgeon, focusing on his previous work.

One can argue that in Medlounge error, which entailed heavy consequences, was made by the anesthesiologist, the no indictment decisions do not. If he was brought to criminal prosecution, is also unknown. Quite possibly, he resigned from the clinic on their own and found a new job.

RIA Novosti has tried to contact the Director of «Sphere» by Gul Shah and find out why she took on the job of the anesthesiologist from the hospital with a scandalous reputation, however, the telephone number listed on the official website, no one answered. The Shah also refused to communicate with the PR Manager. Interestingly, the official website of «Sphere» there are no documents and licenses. There are no documents in the public domain and on the website of the surgeon Stepanian. At the same time in bases of Roszdravnadzor all licenses for plastic surgery is.

The legal Director of the company Alina Shimbireva (specializiruetsya on legal support of business in the healthcare sector) explained to RIA Novosti that this practice is not uncommon. According to her, if a future employer asked why he fired hitrin (anesthesiologist from Medlounge), not looking for information on the so-called wall of shame in the Network (thematic forums, where the heads of clinics and health workers to anonymously write reviews about the staff, which had problems), the doctor the exact truth will not tell. From the point of view of the Labor code, he did not break anything. A valid certificate he is likely to have. The surgeon and the anesthesiologist is most commonly associated with each other only by the common employer, so the surgeon didn’t know about the past of the anesthesiologist.

«Moreover, the anesthesiologist is the most ungrateful profession: even in case of successful operation, he remains in the shadows, while all praise the surgeon. However, if a problem occurs, on the contrary, all the buds fall on the anesthesiologist. Most patients are not interested in who and how will try the anesthesia and the subsequent treatment, — all come, focusing on photo content. Saw a beautiful chest, smooth nose in social networks — and turned to this surgery. Medicine is the flow on expert. And reputation and medical license companies not interested», — says the lawyer.

However, according to Cimberio, this is not privileged information. The client has the right to obtain all documents about anesthesia, specialist, medications, possible adverse events. But most of the patients approach this formally and not delve into the details.

The lawyer adds that the Shah could not know who works in her clinic. If she runs a business in manual mode and communicates with all the way down to the nurses, then, of course, she knew his whole background. «Maybe she’s such subtleties are not interested. It will be to find out the result,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

As it should be

The Director of another Moscow clinic Elena Kruglova explained to RIA Novosti that in theory the head of the clinic is required to check all employees and to match them individually. «But do not all. In any case, unless proven fault of the surgeon or anesthesiologist, blame the doctor», explains Kruglov.

In addition, not all organizations work with the license in plastic surgery: some limited permission for a surgical cosmetology (this is an injection, and simple interventions), but to provide a full range of services as illegal.

Moreover, not everyone has a license to use drugs in anesthesia, explained Kruglov. According to her, there is another problem: perhaps before surgery Carolina did an MRI and did not pay attention to possible peculiarities of the skull structure that later became a problem. «It’s expensive, often clinics on this service save. Where could be the problem — the mass, however, no one will be able to make a clear conclusion, in addition to investigators», — the expert believes.

The revolution in plastics

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova in the summer of 2018 has instructed the health Ministry to conduct inspections of the clinics of plastic surgeons. According to her, for the last time in these medical facilities increased fatal cases. On July 3, entered into force a new order, which has already been called revolutionary: it requires all plastic surgery clinics have x-ray, CT, MRI.

According to the lawyer Alina Shimbireva, such devices cannot be installed in the residential sector, which means that all of the clinic, who worked on the first floors of apartment buildings or business centres no longer meet the new requirements and will be closed. According to the estimates of Kimbereley, we are talking about approximately 70 percent of clinics across the country. «Roszdravnadzor gives the elimination of defects is 2-3 months but for approval of the same x-ray need not less than six months. And the devices are expensive, millions of rubles that not everyone can afford. If the clinic did not fulfill the requirement, it cancels the license,» she says.

It is unknown how it will affect the tightening of legislation on the industry of plastic surgery. «You may be only working on the basis of state structures. Or plastic will leave a shadow, and the organization will operate secretly within the surgical license, which is much easier to obtain (for example, oral surgery or surgical cosmetology). Most likely, the patient, if he goes to a particular doctor, will not respond to the contents of licenses,» suggested the lawyer.