City to host EXPO 2025 will determine in Paris

© Depositphotos / AndreyKrПариж. Archival photoCity to host EXPO 2025 will determine in Paris© Depositphotos / AndreyKr

The city, which in 2025 will host the world EXPO, will choose on Friday in a vote of 164 th session of the General Assembly of the International exhibitions Bureau (BIE). Among the candidates to host EXPO 2025 — Ekaterinburg, Tokyo and Baku.

The world EXPO is the largest international exhibition, which brings together more than 170 countries. Every five years they show their best achievements in science, technology, architecture and art.

The Application Of Yekaterinburg

Russia participates in the exhibition movement since its Foundation in 1851, but never became the hostess of EXPO. According to Deputy Minister of industry and trade Georgy Kalamanov, the victory of Yekaterinburg is very important for Russia. He noted that «this will give serious impetus to the development of the Sverdlovsk region, the development of the country as a whole.»

In November 2011, Russia has advanced in Yekaterinburg as candidate to host the exhibition in 2020. However, on the request of the Ural capital won in Dubai. In may 2017, Russia is again presented to Ekaterinburg, this time as the site for EXPO 2025.

The theme of the Russian bid is «Transforming the world: innovation and a better life for future generations.» Her idea is to find answers to the key questions of our time — how to transform human life through innovative solutions.

EXPO 2025 is planned for the period from 2 may to 2 November 2025. In case of victory of Russia in Yekaterinburg will build the EXPO Park with an area of 555 acres, which after the exhibition will be transformed into a «smart city». As previously stated the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev, the «smart city» will provide a unique chance to reach a new level of technology that will serve man and allow him to live in harmony with the surrounding world.

A representative delegation

The last time to present the Russian bid in Paris, the delegation arrived. It will be headed by the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

Also the delegation included the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev, Chairman of the organizing Committee on preparation and holding of the football world Cup «Russia-2018» Alexei Sorokin, Director General of bid Committee EXPO-2025 Alexander Chernov and Russian Opera singer, soloist of the Vienna state Opera, Aida Garifullina

Azerbaijan and Japan

For the right to host the world Expo with the Ural capital fighting the Japanese in Osaka Azerbaijan Baku. The fourth candidate was the French capital — Paris, France — subsequently, however, the application was withdrawn.

Osaka has become the hostess of EXPO in 1970, and the last world exhibition in Japan was held in 2005 in Nagoya.

The theme of the exhibition, which chose a Japanese Osaka – «Project of the future society for a radiant life.» The idea is that through the high technology mankind has tried to find a solution to such problems as poverty, hunger, take it to a new level of health and well-being.

The exhibition will open on the artificial island on the area of 155 hectares. As expected, it will be visited by 28 million people. The area will be done into three zones – the world of the pavilions, a green world and a water world. The concept of peace of the pavilions is free planning. The organizers want to abandon the idea to place pavilions on topics or countries so that this area could symbolize the diversity and individuality of the society of the future.

In the green world visitors will be able to spend time in nature and even tents. Here they are waiting for the cascade of events that demonstrate the added reality. The zone should be a place of contact for visitors and exhibitors. Water world will cover the surface network of corridors and passages, it will also have hotels, arranged on the surface of the water.

By calculations of organizers, the economic effect from the exhibition in Osaka will be 2 trillion yen (about 17.8 billion dollars).

Azerbaijan, like Russia, EXPO on their land is not accepted.

Voting procedure

On Friday morning three state candidate again for the last time, will present to the Assembly of the BIE the presentation of their cities. Then begin a secret ballot. Each of the member countries of the BIE has one vote, which can pay for your favorite.

The winner can be determined in the first round — some of the candidates must gain two-thirds majority. If this does not happen, the second round in which will meet two of the country got more votes. Here to determine the winner requires a simple majority of votes.