Golikova called one of the main conditions for birth rate growth

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Vegascasinoonline in a nursing home. Archival photoGolikova called one of the main conditions for birth rate growth© RIA Novosti / Sergey Venyavsky

Housing affordability has a great impact on fertility, said in an interview to «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

In her opinion, when there own apartment or house, the family feels safer and more confident and ready to make decisions about having children.

At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister said that as soon as the topic of housing, there is the question of the mortgage.

«This additional financial burden. And the family says: should a second child? Maybe you have to first pay the mortgage? And then the second or third? Postpones the time of birth, the age increases, then the desire does not arise,» she added.

However, said Golikova, the total fertility rate in Russia, even with the drop, better than the European.

Earlier Vladimir Putin said that the need is actively working to decrease mortality and increase fertility. He noted that from-for demographic recession 1990-ies the number of women of childbearing age by 2032 will be reduced by more than a quarter.

Now in Russia there are various measures to increase the birth rate and family support: subsidizing interest rates on mortgage loans for families, a program of the parent capital (it was extended until 2021), payments for the birth of the first child. In addition, we actively addressed the issue of shortage of places in nurseries and kindergartens.

On Monday it became known that from next year will increase the maximum monthly allowance for child care up to 26.1 million rubles. Will also increase the maximum amount of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth to 301 thousand. The amount of a lump sum at the birth of a child and a lump sum to the women who have registered in medical institutions in early terms of pregnancy have not changed and amount to 16 rubles 759 and 628,47 rubles respectively.