In Moscow will hold a rejuvenation pruning over a thousand poplar

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotobounce Moscow. Archival photoIn Moscow will hold a rejuvenation pruning over a thousand poplar© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

Renewal pruning more than 1 thousand poplars will hold in Moscow the specialists of the state motor roads until the end of March, told RIA Novosti in the complex urban (kgkh) of the capital.

«Employees of municipal services of the city of Moscow began work on rejuvenating pruning of poplars. Until the end of March experts GBU «highways» will be processed in the order of 1 a thousand trees», — is spoken in the message.

Traditionally, such work begins from mid-November, when the plants stops the SAP flow. Crohn’s poplar cropped almost completely, sometimes if necessary, can be removed and part of the trunk. How it will be cropped to a specific tree, decides specialist-dendrologist.

«The main work this year will be held in the Northern, Western and Central districts. To rejuvenating pruning has already begun in the Park at Krasnokholmskaya embankment, the experts are also planning to handle along poplar Kiev, Dmitrovsky, Leningrad highway and other road facilities», — told the Agency.

As explained in the complex, such pruning is called rejuvenation, because after that, in spring, the trees gradually grows, and in the second year will acquire a completely new crown.

«These poplars dust 3-5 years and not marvel at poplar moths, Petrenko, which in recent years has been to increase its strength, irritating the residents. She’s the light in the window and hides in the apartments for the winter», — concluded kgkh.