In the Irkutsk centre for the fight against AIDS, explained purchasing expensive iPhone

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in Photobacterium iPhone XS Max. Archival photoIn the Irkutsk centre for the fight against AIDS, explained purchasing expensive iPhone© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

Irkutsk regional center for prevention and control of AIDS and infectious diseases explained that buying an expensive smartphone and mobile testing for business purposes and not for public funds, and by a grant contract with the University of Virginia (USA).

Earlier media reported that the Irkutsk AIDS center purchased through the public procurement system iPhone XS Max price 123 thousand rubles, expressed doubts about the feasibility of spending.

The press-Secretary of the medical institution explained to RIA Novosti that the smartphone is not purchased for budget money and needed to work. «The phone purchased with the proceeds of a contract between the AIDS Center and the University of Virginia (USA) which acts as a contractor for the grant from the Elton John Foundation. The budget of this contract implies, in particular, the purchase of smartphones,» — told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the Irkutsk AIDS center Vasily buchinsky.

He said that the technical capabilities of the device allow to ensure high-quality video calls in the absence of fixed Internet, for example, in the stock testing. Doctors can use it remotely to host a reception or advice. «The functionality of this phone also requires the installation of service application for volunteer service on the road that will allow online to make changes in the patient’s chart and send them to the doctors,» added buchinsky, noting that under the contract, in addition to smartphones plan to buy new mobile testing sites.

«The equipment, medicines and laboratory facilities of the Irkutsk AIDS centre is always maintained at a high level. This organizes purchasing the highest quality medical and diagnostic equipment, which is often no analogues in our country», — noted in the AIDS center.

Angara is one of the most disadvantaged regions in terms of HIV infections. In 2017 in the field for the first time in two decades there was a trend towards stabilization of the situation. With the beginning of 2018, experts recorded a decrease incidence of 8.9%.