Lawyer Carcova told about inspections of the property General

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova in photobacteria Charkov. Archival photoLawyer Carcova told about inspections of the property General© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

The investigation found no items of luxury at the General-Lieutenant Sergey Charkova accused of fraud, told RIA Novosti his lawyer Pavel Lapshov.

«Check the well-being of Lieutenant-General Charkova showed that he had no cottages, summer houses, no yachts, no gold bars, no luxury watch, missing it, a collection of paintings and other expensive items», — said the lawyer.

According to him, the General «living modestly» in the apartment on the October field in Moscow, which he legally received as a result of 40 years of service in the Armed forces.

«Luxury car also has. Had not found him and his family secret unidentified deposits on accounts, have not found the «unidentified» civilians who have sought to provide some good, General,» added Lapshov.

According to him, the Declaration of income of the family of the General, nothing surprising, too, showed the family living on rations, which the state pays the General and his wife — the doctor-neurologist.

A review of the investigation on this account, RIA Novosti has not yet.

Fraud case

Deputy head of the Military Academy of the General staff of the armed forces charged with fraud with the state contract for the sum about 6 million roubles, to it threatens till ten years of imprisonment. Charkov does not consider himself guilty.

Investigated was the agreement between the Military Academy of the General staff and the NGO «Rosbiotech» — large company specializing in the creation of systems of 3D-visualization, information security and other IT tasks.

The investigation leads the Main military investigative management of SK, which is the most high-profile and major crimes among military personnel.

Before serving in the General staff Academy Charkov headed the Main Directorate for work with personnel of the armed forces, as well as a reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria. At the Academy he oversees scientific work. On tapes of news agencies over the past two years has repeatedly published materials from scientific conferences.